Copy Character Name LUA Error #31385

  • Breakerzeus created this issue Jan 2, 2020

    clicking the Built-In Function "copy character name" is causing LUA Errors:


    1x [ADDON_ACTION_FORBIDDEN] AddOn 'Prat-3.0-3.7.45' tried to call the protected function 'CopyToClipboard()'.
    !BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:519: in function <!BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:519>
    [C]: in function `CopyToClipboard'
    FrameXML\UnitPopup.lua:2072: in function `func'
    FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:910: in function `UIDropDownMenuButton_OnClick'
    [string "*:OnClick"]:1: in function <[string "*:OnClick"]:1>


    Assuming it's called "forbidden function", I guess this can't be fixed since it seems to be a call that blizzard blocks for addons to use? Is that the case?

  • Breakerzeus edited description Jan 2, 2020

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