Unable to click links provided by Method Dungeon Tools in Chat #31263

  • maraakis created this issue Sep 10, 2018

    Hey =)


    I've started using Method Dungeon Tools with my M+ group. That addon has a "Share"-ability which seems to work like sharing WeakAuras: You click on "share" and a clickable link will be inserted into group chat. By clicking on it, everybody can import what I've built in MDT.


    This doesn't work when I have Prat enabled :/ The link will be provided, but nothing happens while I click it; it could just as well be a random chat message. When I deactivate Prat, it works fine. Everyone in my group, who's not using prat, can click on the link just fine, so I guess it's a prat-error? I get no error-messages about what happenes when I try clicking the link, though.


    Help / a fix would be very much appreciated :)

  • Tharas1 posted a comment Oct 1, 2018

    Just confirming I also have this problem (Prat 3.7.19, Method Dungeon Tools 2.2.29).  Disabling Prat makes the chat links functional again.  There is an issue filed against the Method tools but they believe it is a Prat issue: https://github.com/nnogga/MethodDungeonTools/issues/63


  • Smishleniy posted a comment Oct 27, 2018

    Confirming that MDT provided links from russian named server players does not clickable. It just making [ ] braces wrong. Fix please, love Prat :/

    Edited Oct 27, 2018
  • Luxie posted a comment Nov 9, 2018

    I managed to figure out a band aid fix for this by wrapping the for loop on line 148-166 in Prat-3.0\services\pattern.lua with this if statement

    if not text:match("|H.*|h") then

    Should look something like this



    -- Match and remove strings
    if not text:match("|H.*|h") then
      for _,v in ipairs(sortedRegistry) do
        if text and ptype == (v.type or "FRAME") then
          if type(v.pattern) == "string" and (v.pattern):len() > 0 then
            debug("MatchPatterns :", v.pattern)
            if v.deformat then
              text = v.matchfunc(text)
              if v.matchfunc ~= nil then
                text = text:gsub(v.pattern, v.matchfunc)
                debug("ERROR", v.pattern)


  • anythingss posted a comment Nov 17, 2018

    confirm works thanks Luxocracy , no adverse sideeffects yet.

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