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    Oct 17, 2010
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  • 4.0.1


2010-10-18  Humbedooh  <Humbedooh>

[9a7a4a7ecd46] [tip]
* PocketGnome.lua

Removed bloatiness and redundant API calls.
trimmed entire addon down to 75 lines of mrrrgl, just because I felt like it.

* PocketGnome.lua

forgot to add abs() :<

* PocketGnome.lua

Added an output window
Added e, sqrt, rad, deg and others.
Added support for custom values (fx. abc = 2/pi)

2010-10-17  Humbedooh  <Humbedooh>

* PocketGnome.lua

Basic math support (all the usual math crap)
/pocketgnome or /pg opens the lil' calculator
Stuff is still restricted to the chat frame output.

* .pkgmeta, PocketGnome.toc

Initial commit without anything awesome.