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Supported WoW Versions

  • 4.3.4


    - license info
    - flatten to a single frame level
    - remove unused auras code
    - new "thickborder" texture
    - config for gradients
    - ProfileChanged refreshes all layouts
    - gradients
    - Layout.ProfileChanged moved below upvalues, so it can update them
    - focus & focustarget
    - text formatting options for health & power
    - PvPSound, played when flagging for PvP
    - generic values for sound channel selection
    - SimpleCombatFeedback's parent is always NameFrame; this avoids overlaps by using NameFrame's FrameLevel, without having to reparent SimpleCombatFeedback in/out of portraits
    - NameFrame gets a higher FrameLevel, so Portrait (etc) don't cover its icons.
    - fix HealPrediction bar showing through health bar when no heals are incoming
    - unspecified SoundOnSelect channel defaults to SFX, not Master
    - fix HealPrediction disabling incorrectly
    - sound for unit selection / loss
    - combat feedback, a.k.a. "hit indicators"
    - changing some ?/and/or expressions to normal if/else logic, to avoid conflating false with nil
    - heal prediction
    - options dialog wide enough for 4 elements, with tabs at top
    - options group named after the addon, not just "Options"
    - add missing GLOBALS declarations
    - icon for combat/resting status
    - master looter icon
    - consolidated icon config generation
    - leader icon
    - options section for party
    - level 0 (it happens with offline party members) now displays as 0, not skull
    - pvpIcon and raidIcon use real points & offsets
    - "false" options should come first in selection boxes
    - options "order" generated, rather than handwritten
    - error on unknown UnitClass; more nameColor debugging
    - raid target icons
    - removing near/far options from pvpIcon
    - generic get/set for options that can be false
    - remove unused param from generic_get_style
    - error on unknown UnitReaction; trying to track down unspecified nameColor bug
    - player pet frame
    - "nested alpha" is now an option, not a special case of the player frame
    - option to left-justify names instead of always centering
    - Finer-grained configuration of font sizes.
    - fixed options table orders; some sections had identical orders
    - better default positions for the frames
    - removed level from targettarget
    - Fix assumption that all frames have LevelFrame. Level and LevelFrame initialization should be fully separate now.
    - cleanup trailing whitespace
    - cleanup trailing whitespace
    - Frames now size correctly to match the space used by their elements.
    - fix misspelled upvalue & comment for UnitIsPVP
    - remove debugging print statement
    - Adding framework for localizations.
    - cleanup comment & string formatting
    - oUF embed moved from oUF/ to libs/oUF/
    - Importing to Git.

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