This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Out of order!

Does not work with the newest oUF & 3.1.0, but I am working on a replacement, stand alone raid addon.


The main goal behind this and the oUF_Smurf project is to simplify the creation of oUF layouts, and make them more readable.

As a focus, the frames are designed to be small, with only the most critical information displayed, mainly for healers. I mainly raid or do BG, so you'll notice a focus on the raid/mt++ frames.

The configuration files are commented to help you modify them or create your own. Use the readme.txt file added.

Official Addon Thread.


  • Range check
  • Agro indicator
  • Heal estimator
  • Mouse-over highlight
  • Healing and dispel feedback
  • Aura icons, w/countdown if you are using OmniCC
  • Maintank list++
  • AFK timer
  • custom.lua enables you to modify the default configuration wo. being to effected by updates.


The units are divided into 3 categories, each of witch can be individually disabled buy changing a single variable. By commenting out one line, you are also able to remove one and one unit. Plz note that some units duplicate settings from other units, hence a dependency.


  • Player
  • Pet
  • Focus
  • Target
  • TargetTarget


  • Party
  • PartyPet
  • PartyTarget


  • Raid
  • RaidPet
  • Maintank
  • MaintankTarget
  • MainAssist
  • MainAssistTarget
  • PlayerTarget
  • PlayerTargetTarget


  • /mt <unit>
  • /ma <unit>
  • /pt <unit>
  • /clearmt
  • /clearma
  • /clearpt

Please note that if you do not supply a name, it will use your target as <unit>. These are only visible when you are in a raid, and /ma, /mt can only be set by raidleaders/assistants.


I've chosen to add the modules to the project to make it easier to install. These modules should all be compatible with most other oUF layouts, hence no Smurf in the name.

Agro indicator

By default, when a unit has agro, a thin red texture is displayed at the top of the frame. When a unit gains agro, a minimap ping is also shown for a few sec.

Lib: LibBanzai-2.0

Healing estimator

The estimation bar is divided into 3, <heals befor yours hit> <your heal> <heals after yours>. The color of <your heal> bar, is relative to how many % over healing you'll do. At the center of this frame, there is also a countdown until your heal hits.

Lib: LibHealComm-3.0

Healing feedback

A simple combat log parser, that only registers your heals <w/overheal>, and dispels. By default the text is displayed mid-frame.


Handles buffs, debuffs and auras. Best viewed with OmniCC, witch adds a text with the time remaining on the buff/debuff/aura.

Default aura filters are:

  • My short buffs
    • Displays buffs where isMine evaluates to true, and the remaining time is less or equal to 30 sec.
    • Other important buffs such as Shield Wall, Last Stand etc.
  • Important debuffs
    • Debuffs you can dispel
    • PvP debuffs like: Aimed Shot, Mortal Strike, Wound Poison, Mind-numbing Poison
    • Other debuffs: Weakened, Hypothermia, Recently Bandaged, Forbearance

These are applied to raid frames, targettarget, maintank and so on.

Target is the only frame displaying all auras.

Target rangecheck

As the name suggests, a range-check primarily for target units, due to the higher cpu cost. If you have plenty of resources you could replace the normal range-check with this one, to increase the accuracy. (UnitInRange is always a few yards on the safe side)

Lib: LibRangeCheck-2.0


This module displays a "AFK 2:30" text box on the raid/player frame. It is also capable to take a frame or texture as input, toggling it when the units status changes. Supports DND, but since DND is irrelevant when you're in a raid, it's not in use.


This project requires you to have oUF in your Addons folder.

Known issues

  • There is an issue where oUF tries to spawn units in combat, still not fixed.
  • Have had a problem with the aura clusters not resizing properly, but that is mostly fixed.


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