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    Apr 6, 2011
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 4.0.6


    - Fixed the boss frame display.
    - Fixed typos and leftovers.
    - Stop playing with setfenv.
    - Properly enable/disable boss and arena frames depending on instance type.
    - Untied the possibility to disable frames from LibMovable support.
    - Put all boss and arena frames into two container frames.
    - Fixed ticket #11.
    - Fixed arena units.
    - Range: fade units that do not exist.
    - Removed spammy debug.
    - Do not hide arena frames until the plyayer leaves the arena so they are kept visible if the unit enters stealth (drycoded, need testing).
    - Fully update a frame when UNIT_TARGETABLE_CHANGED happens.
    - Do not create threat border for boss and arena frames.
    - Have the StatusIcon alaways calls its post-update hook.
    - Added frames for arena enemy pets.
    - Fixed ticket #10.
    - Reverted some commits to hopefully fix raid unit coloring.
    - We always have incoming heals.
    - Removed the StatusBar OnValueChanged hack as it seems useless now.
    - Greatly simplified the status bar texture handling.
    - Do update raid unit colors on PARTY_MEMBERS_CHANGED or RAID_ROSTER_UPDATE.
    - Raid frames: small tweaks to the new AltPowerBar code.
    - Added a dark background and some animations to raid altpowerbars.
    - Avoid to double-register UNIT_NAME_UPDATE in raid frames.
    - Have it working.
    - Removed leftover code.
    - Split single Style.lua in smaller files.

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