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tag 1.6
Adirelle <adirelle@tagada-team.net>
2011-03-02 10:23:01 +0100

Tagging as 1.6.


    - Fixed the warning icon border coloring.
    - Have the alternate power gradually turn to red as the power increases.
    - Fixed anchoring of player's experience bar.
    - Do not display Argaloth's Meteor Slash..
    - Added an alternate power bar to raid units too.
    - Removed the AltPowerBar mover since there is now a proper altpowervar bar for single units.
    - Made the PlayerPowerBarAlt movable so one can move it away from the raid units.
    - Made the LowHealth overlays more visible.
    - LowHealth: also update on UNIT_HEALTH.
    - Fixed support/SavedVariables.lua line endings.
    - Updated /oufah help.
    - Check /oufa_health argument.
    - README updated.
    - Updated oUF submodule.
    - Save LowHealth element settings in SV. Also added an help.
    - Moved saved variables handling to its own file, and added a function to register callbacks. Have LibMovable support use this callback.
    - Added LowHealth indicator to single units and made the element working.
    - Fixed LowHealth line ending.
    - Added an LowHealth element, that is shown when health drops below a defined threshold (sets with /oufah xxx% or /oufah xxxxx or /oufah xxxxK).
    - Support menu binding overrides by third-party addon. Tell the user though.
    - Updated the README file.
    - Reposition the dropdown menu of single units.
    - Added encounter debuff for Altairus.
    - Updated oUF submodule.
    - Removed the now useless "refreshUnitChange" handler.
    - Reenabled health frequent updates.
    - Added display of encounter debuffs for Argaloth and Chimaeron.
    - Updated oUF submodule.
    - Fixed Evolution debuff ID on Corla encounter.
    - Use rebased oUF submodule.
    - Removed some spammy debug statements.
    - Updated the oUF submodule.
    - Updated oUF submodule.
    - Make special aura display a proper element.
    - Fixed the IncomingHeal fix.
    - Fixed IncomingHeal elements.
    - Use new oUF event dispatching.
    - Use new oUF event dispatching.
    - Revert "AuraIcon: throttle updates."
    This reverts commit f86fea4c3c947f5e5b64033c4d473beb35eabaf9.
    - AuraIcon: throttle updates.
    - Added AdiProfiler support (for developer only).
    - Dropped LibQuickHealth-2.0 support as its benefit is low compared to its CPU cost.
    - Updated raid encounter debuff IDs.
    - Fixed a leaked global, possibly causing an infinite loop.
    - Added missing debuff on Theralion/Valiona.
    - Cureable debuffs: do not show encounter debuffs.
    - Encounter debuffs: test for boss debuffs even if we do not have a list of debuffs for that instance.
    - Removed an encounter buff, since buffs are not tested.
    - Added Valiona et Theralion encounter debuffs.
    - Added some Blackwing Descent debuffs.
    - Raid units: display the Lightwell effect in bottom left corner.
    - Border: listen to UNIT_POWER instead UNIT_MAXPOWER.
    - Fixed the cooldown display of crowd control debuffs.
    - Raid frames: extended Lifebloom and Renew blinking threshold to 4 seconds.
    - AuraIcons: allow icons to have specific blinking threshold.
    - Added player crowd controls as debuffs to show over unit portraits.
    - Tweaked aura display again.
    - Restrict special aura tests by map IDs, to prevent unnecessary tests.
    - More heroic debuffs to display.
    - Modified single unit aura filters.
    - Updated embedded oUF.
    - Slightly changed how encounter debuffs are searched ; now catch "boss debuffs" as by shown by the compact party/raid frames.
    - More heroic dungeon debuffs to display.
    - Fixed group debuff bug.
    - Added some debuffs to watch for Cataclysm 5-man instances.
    - Fixed the layout of the boss frames.
    - Single units: show every buffs and make stealable buffs bigger.
    - Updated to latest LibDispellable-1.0 API.
    - Raid: do not display debuffs from friends (e.g. weakened soul, sated...).
    - Drycoded boss unit frames.
    - Use LibDispellable-1.0 from wowace so it is properly embedded.
    - Fixed nil error and debuff display for single unit frames.
    - Do not display undispellable, eternal debuffs on raid units.
    - Use LibDispellable for single unit (de)buffs too.
    - Changed how dispellable debuffs are shown.
    - Use LibDispellable-1.0 to properly detect things to dispel.
    - Updated embedded oUF.

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