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    Jan 24, 2011
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 4.0.3a


    - Cureable debuffs: do not show encounter debuffs.
    - Encounter debuffs: test for boss debuffs even if we do not have a list of debuffs for that instance.
    - Removed an encounter buff, since buffs are not tested.
    - Added Valiona et Theralion encounter debuffs.
    - Added some Blackwing Descent debuffs.
    - Raid units: display the Lightwell effect in bottom left corner.
    - Border: listen to UNIT_POWER instead UNIT_MAXPOWER.
    - Fixed the cooldown display of crowd control debuffs.
    - Raid frames: extended Lifebloom and Renew blinking threshold to 4 seconds.
    - AuraIcons: allow icons to have specific blinking threshold.
    - Added player crowd controls as debuffs to show over unit portraits.
    - Tweaked aura display again.
    - Restrict special aura tests by map IDs, to prevent unnecessary tests.

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