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tag 1.5
Adirelle <adirelle@tagada-team.net>
2010-11-01 15:15:02 +0100

Tagging as "1.5".


    - oUF submodule updated.
    - Slighty enhanced eclipse bar and tweaked power bar sizes.
    - Dropped AddonLoader support to avoid issue when connecting while in combat (e.g. raid encounter).
    - Copyright notice update.
    - Added back DRData-1.0.
    - Listen to UNIT_CONNECTION for status icon.
    - Slightly tweaked pet display.
    - Fixed the issue with raid pet frames overlapping the raid frames.
    - Alternative, lighter raid layout.
    - Updated oUF submodule.
    - Use HolyPower element shipped with oUF.
    - Hopefully fixed the group updating issue for once.
    - Fixed click issues.
    - More update to group frames ; should properly display pets now.
    - Removed useless git modules.
    - Minor group tweak.
    - Fixed warlock friendly range check.
    - Provide a detailed error message if something goes wrong with spell ids in raid layout.
    - Slight tweak to force group update on show.
    - Removed the debugging statements.
    - Added PW:Shield aura icon back.
    - Restaured the pre-4.0 layout behavior, but for centering.
    - Fixed some buff ids.
    - Colored Warlocks Shards and Paladins Holy Power.
    - Added Moonkin eclipse bar.
    - Less asserts, more warnings.
    - Tweaked pet group visibility.
    - Group resizing is working again.
    - Fixed group centering.
    - Bandaid to party/raid visibility issue.
    - Updated LibGuessRole git module.
    - Updated to latest oUF and fixed the bug it caused.
    - Hopefully fixed totem bar.
    - Use oUF factory to postpone frame creation ; seems to fix missing raid frames on first login.
    - LibHealComm-4.0 isn't required anymore.
    - README updated.
    - Do not embed DRData-1.0 anymore.
    - TOC bump.
    - Fixed RoleOrIcon element.
    - Updated embedded LibGuessRole-1.0.
    - Added paladins' holy power bar (drycoded).
    - First support for warlocks' Soul Shards.
    - Hopefully fixed QuickHealth support.
    - Fixed a bunch of aura spell ids.
    - Fixed XRange element.
    - Use oUF built-in readycheck element.
    - Hopefully fixed party/raid frames.
    - Updated embedded LibGuessRole.
    - RoleOrIcon tweaks.
    - Updated the README.
    - Fixed Experience bar.
    - Updated embedded LibGuessRole-1.0.
    - Updated embedded oUF.
    - Fixed registered update method of IncomingHeal and RoleOrIcon elements.
    - Enable previous changes.
    - Use Cata branch of LibGuessRole.
    - Use the new Cata API to getting party/raid member roles.
    - Use the new Cata API to get the player role.
    - Plugged in new Cata API for incoming heals.
    - Bandaids to most errors.
    - Updated to oUF 1.4.3.
    - Updated internal oUF to 1.4.2.
    - Revert "Made the background a distinct frame that isn't affected by range opacity."
    This reverts commit 0c570864e9aa9de0abd5c95b4cd2d8d74e82f916.
    - Made the background a distinct frame that isn't affected by range opacity.
    - Typo in incoming heals.
    - Updated embedded oUF.
    - Updated embedded oUF, and .pkgmeta accordingly.
    - Fixed Main Tank icon, thanks to gagou.
    - Slightly tweaked role and raid target display.
    - Updated the .pkgmeta to fetch latest version of the 1.4 branch.
    - Fixed single unit tags.
    - Updated embedded LibGuessRole.
    - Fixed LibQuickHealth support.
    - Removed spammy debug output.
    - Enhanced debug output.
    - Fixed incoming heal display.
    - Fixed group health bars.
    - First attempt to migrate to 1.4.
    - Switched embedded oUF to 1.4.
    - Ignore .png files in media/.
    - Added submodules for LibGuessRole-1.0 and LibMovable-1.0. Removed LibWrapperHealComm. Updated TOC and .pkgmeta accordingly.
    - Use LibGuessRole-1.0 instead of LibGroupTalents-1.0.
    - Made the raid frames LoDable again.
    - Removed a piece of code that's likely unneeded and might cause ADDON_BLOCKED errors.
    - Fixed various typos that caused lots of issues with the PvE encounter debuffs.
    - Gave up with PvE encounter *buffs* as it was adding too much complexity given its low added value.
    - Attempt to fix the bug introduced in latest change (PvE debuffs not detected).
    - Stackable "PvE debuffs" can now be displayed only when above a threshold. Added a bunch of such auras.
    - Made the display of portrait aura application count more visible.
    - Changed how specific aura stacks are displayed so they do not get dimmed by the countdown model.
    - XRange: ensure that test spells are known before using them. Also removed specific friend checks for warriors and rogues.

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