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tag 1.3
Adirelle <adirelle@tagada-team.net>
2010-06-09 10:41:21 +0200

Tagging as "1.3".


    - Removed Sindragosa's Mystic Buffets from PvE important debuffs to prevent visual overwhelming in latest phase.
    - Cosmetic change to incoming heals and to aura icons.
    - Updated embedded oUF.
    - Fixed display of Blood-Queen Lana'Thel debuffs.
    - Reverted sorting by expiration time, because it doesn't work with a partial set of auras.
    - Slightly reworkd single unit (de)buff display:
    - limited to 12 buffs and 12 debuffs,
    - big icons are always displayed before small ones,
    - icons of same size are sorted by expiration time, sooner first.
    - Hopefully fixed raid height bugs.
    - Guess player role from talent and use that data to update the raid size accordingly (e.g. bigger for healers).
    - Tweaked raid layout detection.
    - Made incoming heal more visible on single units.
    - StatusBar helper now accepts a color table or tuple as additional arguments.
    - Range detection should behave better for priests and mages unless I totally broke it.
    - Hopefully fixed the target threat bar.
    - Removed spammy debug statement.
    - Fixed xp and threat bar background opacity.
    - Fixed Warlock range detection.
    - Made frame backdrop more opaque to ease reading in bright areas.
    - Fixed raid instance size detection.
    - Simplified the raid layout detection.
    - Added Lich King's Necrotic Plague and Infest into the list of import raid debuffs.
    - Mages will now see curses in raid frames.
    Healer classes will now see debuffs they cannot dispell as transparent icons in raid frames.
    - Fixed lua syntax error invovling the wowace packager and some funny --@debug@-- usage.
    - Tweaked range fading.
    - Hopefully fixed warrior range detection.
    - Reworked the raid layout.
    - Reverting raid layout code to non-secure, smart one.
    - New workaround to have statusbar textures displayed as before the 3.3.3 tiling bug.
    - Hopefully fixed warrior range fading.
    - Fixed texture tiling glitches introduced in patch 3.3.3.
    - Updated embedded oUF, again.
    - Updated embedded oUF.
    - Display more Sindragosa debuffs.

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