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    Feb 22, 2010
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 3.3.0


    - Do not show party pets in raid even in debug mode.
    - Updated embedded oUF.
    - Updated embedded oUF.
    - Timestamped, colorful debugging outputs, woohoo !
    - Updating embedded oUF, again.
    - Fixed druid mana bar causing strange behavior with current power bar.
    - Fixed party pet visibility and anchoring, as well as less-than-5-man raid centering.
    - Updated embedded oUF.
    - Properly center party frames.
    - Tidied the code.
    - Rewrote raid group visibility and sizing using secure drivers.
    - Hopefully load properly when in combat.
    - Removed AddonLoader support as it doesn't play well with unit frames.
    - Removed spammy debug output.
    - Attempting to catch more Festergut Vile Gas debuffs.
    - Updated internal oUF.
    - Added DiminishingReturns support.
    - Fixed warlocks seeing any debuff as cureable.
    - Do not display sated/exhausted on raid frames for shamans.
    - Hopefully fixed how QuickHealth handles the vehicle unit.
    - Embedded oUF updated.

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