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tag 1.1-beta-1
Adirelle <adirelle@tagada-team.net>
2010-01-11 14:15:42 +0100

Tagging as "1.1-beta-1".


    - Show group in solo in debug version.
    - Use updated vehicle swapping.
    - Fixed pet groups not showing.
    - Hopefully latest raid name changes: color the name in green when overheal is greater than 10% total health, show the overheal when over 30%.
    - Do not display low life health points instead of name anymore.
    Now only display overheal when it is greater than 10% of total target health ; and append the value to the name instead of replacing it.
    - ConfigMode load-on-demand support for raid frames.
    - Display attackable (i.e. mind controlled) raid units in red.
    - Merged PvP and PvE debuff filters into a single filter.
    - Now show raid pets of 10-man raids.
    - Changed single unit aura filter and layout.
    - Slighty modified raid aggro border.
    - Use spell ids instead of spell names for PvE encounter debuffs.
    - More PvE encounter spell ids.
    - Starting to add all spell ids of the PvE encounter debuffs.
    - Updated README.
    - Do not show target threat bar when not in group.
    - Border: do not listen to events we do not care.
    - Reverted an unwanted change.
    - Added a small threat bar on target frame.
    Now use a "glow" border instead of plain border for threat feedback.

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