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tag 1.0-beta
Adirelle <adirelle@tagada-team.net>
2009-12-14 23:33:19 +0100

Tagging as "0.1-beta".


    - Revert "Double-checking the packager."
    This reverts commit 7ed1d4d9fd1cc2c55a9748e76e61bd76357d0659.
    - Added README file to be displayed on both wowace and github.
    - Use anonymous embedded oUF, while still allowing disembedded oUF.
    - Have git ignores embedded oUF.
    - Double-checking the packager.
    - In Kaelten we believe (or at least he fixed wowace packeger WRT remote git externals.)
    - Removed tag from remote git externals so the wowace packager stops failing at creating the package.
    - Hopefully fixed .pkgmeta.
    - Preparing for wowace packaging.
    - Preparing code to allow embedded oUF and libraries.
    - Fixed Shaman raid icon typo.
    - Typo in shaman raid icon setting.
    - Should better handle status changes.
    - Hopefully fixed combo points.
    - Removed RuneBar debug.
    - TOC bump.
    - Only display player combo points on target.
    - First attempt at status icons.
    - Slightly extended single frame unit to allow name text to span two lines.
    - Raid frames: moved paladins' buff icons to corners.
    - Display raid member icons in raid bars.
    - oUF 1.3.22 compatibility.
    - Fixed DK's rune bar, really.
    Moved rune bar code in its own file.
    - Typo.
    - Changed IncomingHeal colors.
    Moved all interesting indicators in a frame over the incoming heal frames.
    - Singles: failsafe DK rune initialization.
    - Incoming Heal: first attempt at displaying others' direct heals that will land before your own direct heals.
    - Use UnitHasVehicleUI instead of UnitInVehicle.
    - Save frame positions between sessions.
    Added /oufa and /ouf_adirelle chat commands to unlock frames.
    - Tweaked raid positioning code.
    - Fixed an nil error happening when raid units are not yet known.
    - Fixed raid repositioning glitches.
    - Optional LibMovable-1.0 support; changed how raid frame position is updated.
    - Fixed a bug where the unit tooltip doesn't hide when entering combat.
    - Changed combo point layout.
    - Removed unused TargetColor.
    Added rare/elite dragons on target and focus frames.
    - Commented dragons.
    - Health/power bar text format now depends on unit type and fullness.
    Do not show unit tooltip in combat.
    - Do not try to use default LSM font.
    - Enhanced texture update callback.
    Fixed aura size and filtering.
    Fixed font selection.
    Fixed minor layout glitches.
    - Properly filter out non-player or long buffs from player and pet auras.
    - Properly hide alt power bars when needed.
    - Tweaked frame positions.
    - TOC tweak.
    - Load single files using single.xml instead of submodule TOC.
    - Created a media subfolder and moved textures into it.
    - Fixed combo point layout.
    Added rune bar.
    - Added combo point texture.
    - XRange enhancements:
    * fade more out of view units,
    * check resurrection spells on friendly corpses.
    - Added combo points.
    - Fixed SharedMedia load order.
    - Added extended range fading.
    - Fixed vehicle swapping for player and pet.
    - Fixed player buffs.
    Tweaked raid icon layout.
    - Use mana color when showing border for out-of-mana units.
    - Changed mana bar color.
    - Added menu to single units.
    - Added Druid mana bar.
    - Aura tweaks.
    - Added incoming heal to single units.
    - Single unit style:
    - properly handle right-hand units,
    - added auras,
    - added neat border.
    - Reanchored single units and made pet frame smaller.
    - Made raid style backdrop local.
    - Use BantoBar as default status bar texture.
    - Fixed UnitThreatSituation errors.
    - Made single layout a module.
    - Single units: added border, enhanced layout and resizing.
    - Single units: use ABF font if available; changed component spacing.
    - First version of single unit frames.
    - Split core file in smaller parts.
    - Added Shamans' buff and debuff icons.
    - Hide icons on dead, disconnected or unknown units.
    - Fixed an nil error.
    - Layout: use maximum raid group instead of number of raid members to select raid size.
    - IncomingHeal: dropped LHC3 support and made the code lighter.
    - Small LHC-4.0 debug tweak.
    Removed obsolete ReplaceWithVehicle.lua
    - Added missing VehicleSwap.lua
    - Full Vehicle swap support.
    - Display vehicle in place of player when he/she is inside a vehicle.
    - Added LHC4 debugging code.
    - IncomingHeal: do not refresh pending heal every 0.5sec anymore.
    - More IncomingHeal tweaks.
    - IncomingHeal tweaks.
    - Removed PW:S debug statement.
    - Added priest aura icons.
    Disabled target color dots.
    - TargetColor: calculates the color using only the GUID.
    - Added more ignored CC.
    - Typo.
    - Changed target colors a bit.
    - IncomingHeal:
    - maintain our own guid->frame map,
    - properly handle GUIDDisappeared events.
    - Added colored target dot at left of frames.
    - Fixed IncomingHeal typo.
    - Periodically refresh IncomingHeals since events are sometimes missing.
    - Working CCIcon.
    - Advertize optional supports.
    Tweaked CC icon.
    - Added crowd control icon for arena.
    - Fixed Icon element enable method.
    - Only warn of missing IncomingHeal unit/frame for certain characters.
    - Fixed the unit/GUID whining code.
    - Enhanced IncomingHeal debug to display the event.
    - Added Iles of Conquest battleground size.
    Enhanced raid size detection.
    - Removed debug statement and stop warning about nonexistent raidpet frames.
    - Border width reduced to 1 and unit spacing reduced 2.
    Dynamic layout update depending on the instance and party/raid size.
    Compact 40-man raids, even for healers.
    - Santized IncomingHeal enabling/disabling code.
    IncomingHeal now uses an internal unit->frame map.
    - More IncomingHeal tweaks.
    - Do not display ReadyCheck icons when not promoted.
    - Changed out of range opacity to 40% (up from 25%).
    - Finally fixed that ReadyCheck issue.
    - Removed debug statements.
    - Another attempt to fix ReadyChecks.
    - Properly update unit color on vehicle changes.
    - IncomingHeal update tweaks.
    - Changed positioning update, again !
    - Also update layout on VARIABLES_LOADED.
    Properly unregister events in elements.
    - Pets are displayed with the same color as their master.
    Players in vehicle are displayed in green (but not hunters' green).
    Hopefully fixed position code.
    - Fixed position update.
    - Fixed death icon texcoords.
    - More IncomingHeal tweaks.
    Added death icon.
    - Fixed incoming heals.
    - Also reposition the frames on PEW.
    - Display pets in arena.
    - Added important buff display.
    - Reworked IncomingHeal only to call LHC when need be.
    - More IncomingHeal tweaks.
    - IncomingHeal code tidied up.
    - Fixed name not updating properly.
    Added LibHealComm-4.0 optional support.
    - Comment typo.
    - Fixed name update in regard to incoming heals.
    - Fixed incoming heal.
    - Created IncomingHeal element (drycoded).
    - Increased frame spacing to prevent border overlaps.
    Hide pets in raid.
    Fixed readycheck display.
    - Fixed threat display.
    Removed debug output.
    - Show Magic debuffs for warlocks.
    - Added square indicator.
    Changed Druid indicator layout.
    Tweaked icon blinking.
    - Added useful paladin auras.
    - Move elements in their own folder.
    Added ReadyCheck elements.
    Fixed an error when updating health bar color.
    - Move elements in their own folder.
    Added ReadyCheck elements.
    Fixed an error when updating health bar color.
    - Fixed incoming heal color.
    Fixed incoming text display.
    Do not show border on death unit but target.
    - Added LibHealComm-3.0 support.
    Fixed border widths.
    Added cureable debuffs for druids.
    - Added aura icons.
    Fixed frame aspect for out-of-range unit with visible border.
    LibSharedMedia-3.0 is now optionak.
    - Working Grid-like healt bar and name display.
    Border indicating target/threat/low mana status.
    - Initial version.
    Simple raid layout.
    LibSharedMedia support.

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