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tag v5
David Lynch <>
2009-05-20 03:43:27 +0000

Tagging as v5


David Lynch:
    - Tagging as v5
    - Bump TOC
    - Tooltip on the open-all button, too
    - Total_cash error if you never mouse over the cash buttonx
    - Merge in some changes from the version up on WoWI that I'd forgotten about.
    - Add a tooltip to the 'take cash' button showing how much cash you'll be getting
    - Bump the TOC -- it works fine.
    - Facilitate WowAce-on-CurseForge transition
    - Importing old repo data under /trunk
    - OpenAll: - toc update
David Lynch:
    - OpenAll: AddonLoader.
    - OpenAll: TOC, multiple items per mail.
    - OpenAll: Bump TOC and remove all that :SetDesaturated junk.
    - OpenAll: Stop a loop that could maybe happen on COD items.  Don't permanently disable the buttons if there's no mail (oops).
    - OpenAll: Add a "Take Cash" button, because it's only a few extra lines to do it.
    - OpenAll: -Make inventory full errors actually stop the loop.  (Missing quotes.)
    - OpenAll: According to the file modified dates these changes are from about a month ago.  I noticed them on my work computer, so apparently I hadn't committed them. Looking at svn diff, I think I: -Added some LoadManagers -Added a check for the inventory being full -Switched to reverse collection (I assume I stole this from hyperChipmunk) -Maybe broke stuff.  Who knows?
    - OpenAll: Disable inbox clicks while opening all mail.
    - OpenAll: Stupid syntax errors.
    - OpenAll: Account for the *second* time someone clicks to open everything.
    - OpenAll: -Make work more reliably (darn asynchronous mail model). -Sadly, now longer than ExpressMail.
    - OpenAll: -Initial import. -Oh-so-simple addon to open all mail in your inbox. Lightly tested.