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  • 6.0.2


2014-10-18  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

[efb5a3a3338d] [tip]
* OneCore-1.0/OneCore-1.0.lua

Will now identify Tackle Boxes and Cooking Bags as Profession Bags

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Added tag v1.7.0 for changeset 322bf1248700

[322bf1248700] [v1.7.0]
* OneCore-1.0/OneCore-1.0.lua OneCore-1.0/OneCore-1.0.xml OneCore-1.0/OneFrame-1.0.lua OneCore-1.0/externals/CustomSearch.lua OneCore-1.0/externals/LibItemSearch.lua OneCore-1.0/externals/load.xml OneCore-1.0/localization/itIT.lua OneCore-1.0/localization/ptBR.lua

Adding support for search

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Added tag v1.6.3 for changeset afff22518625

[afff22518625] [v1.6.3]
* OneCore-1.0/localization/load.xml

Fix load order of localizations

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Added tag v1.6.2 for changeset ce49b837bfb7

[ce49b837bfb7] [v1.6.2]
* OneCore-1.0/localization/itIT.lua OneCore-1.0/localization/load.xml OneCore-1.0/localization/ptBR.lua

Adding support for new WoW Localizations, actually loading the esMX one

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Added tag v1.6.1 for changeset a6cb0f7ba24d

[a6cb0f7ba24d] [v1.6.1]
* OneCore-1.0/OneConfig-1.0.lua OneCore-1.0/OneCore-1.0.lua

Sets default cols to 12, removes outdated features

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Added tag v1.6.0 for changeset a7de30f84a41

[a7de30f84a41] [v1.6.0]
* OneCore-1.0/OneCore-1.0.lua OneCore-1.0/OneFrame-1.0.lua

Support for new features in OneBag and OneBank

2014-10-15  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

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Added tag v1.5.1 for changeset aaf29f51ba58

[aaf29f51ba58] [v1.5.1]
* OneCore-1.0/OneCore-1.0.lua

Fix additional WoW 6.0 Crash Bug

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Added tag v1.5.0 for changeset df69813cbdd8

[df69813cbdd8] [v1.5.0]
* OneCore-1.0/OneCore-1.0.lua OneCore.toc

Fixes for 6.0, Toc Bump

2013-09-10  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

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Added tag v1.4.0 for changeset b1f5c6daeed8

[b1f5c6daeed8] [v1.4.0]
* OneCore-1.0/OneCore-1.0.lua OneCore.toc

Toc Update for 5.4.  Fixing bank bag bug as well

2012-11-28  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

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Added tag v1.3.13 for changeset 21a5485e045d

[21a5485e045d] [v1.3.13]
* OneCore.toc

Updating for 5.1

2012-09-08  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

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Added tag v1.3.12 for changeset 6e52f70025a2

[6e52f70025a2] [v1.3.12]
* OneCore-1.0/OneConfig-1.0.lua

Fixed lua error in config panel

2012-09-06  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

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Added tag v1.3.11 for changeset facf8a03611b

[facf8a03611b] [v1.3.11]
* OneCore-1.0/OneConfig-1.0.lua OneCore-1.0/OneCore-1.0.lua OneCore-1.0/OneFrame-1.0.lua OneCore-1.0/SimpleSort-1.0.lua

globals cleanup

2012-08-28  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

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Added tag v1.3.10 for changeset 9ad5a0337ca5

[9ad5a0337ca5] [v1.3.10]
* OneCore-1.0/OneCore-1.0.lua OneCore.toc

New Toc Version for 5.0

2011-11-29  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

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Added tag v1.3.9 for changeset 0147d55d1647

[0147d55d1647] [v1.3.9]
* OneCore.toc

4.3 update

2011-07-08  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

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Added tag v1.3.8 for changeset 3fc0f1dfd19a

2011-07-06  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

[3fc0f1dfd19a] [v1.3.8]
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Added tag v1.3.7 for changeset c229887e4e22

[c229887e4e22] [v1.3.7]
* OneCore-1.0/OneFrame-1.0.lua

Positioning Fix