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    Jan 9, 2011
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2011-01-09  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

[59570c6d57d3] [tip]
* main.lua

a better heirloom display, i hope

* OneChoice.toc main.lua

Fixed heirloom items

2011-01-01  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

* .hgtags:

Added tag v1.1.2 for changeset 9d9c1a66de26

[9d9c1a66de26] [v1.1.2]
* main.lua

Fixed where some unusable items would still get ilevel differentials

2010-12-31  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

* .hgtags:

Added tag v1.1.1 for changeset d512a9a6f72f

[d512a9a6f72f] [v1.1.1]
* main.lua

remove unsupplied lib that was in place for debugging

* .hgtags:

Added tag v1.1.0 for changeset 26a331e0fb02

[26a331e0fb02] [v1.1.0]
* main.lua

Slight tweaks to display

* main.lua

Trinkets are now universal equipment slots (will never be discolored).
Changed most valuable item display, look for the one marked with a gold "MV".
Added an ilevel differential display comparing the item your being offered and the one you're wearing.

2010-12-24  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

* .hgtags:

Added tag v1.0.1 for changeset 984d2a35ae3a

[984d2a35ae3a] [v1.0.1]
* main.lua

Prevent Relics from mistakingly being marked red

* .hgtags:

Added tag v1.0.0 for changeset cfa8212a9fee

[cfa8212a9fee] [v1.0.0]
* OneChoice.toc OneChoice.xml

Fixing libs

* .pkgmeta, OneChoice.toc main.lua

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