Move the button to the bottom and have different text #19

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Assigned to Kaelten
  • WofW68 created this issue Nov 1, 2014

    when you have your bank open would it be possible to have the button at the bottom of the window to change from reagent bag to bank bag instead
    of actually being in the window
    and a different name on the button depending on what tab you are in
    this addon is looking fantastic well better than bagnon.
    the 2 images pic 1 and pic 2 should work a treat
    have a look see what you think

  • WofW68 added the tags New Enhancment Nov 1, 2014
  • WofW68 added an attachment PIC_1.jpg Nov 1, 2014


  • WofW68 added an attachment PIC_2.jpg Nov 1, 2014


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