Does not Alert with Sound for Rares in Pandaria #272

  • holycinders created this issue May 12, 2019

    Even as of the latest update it appears this addon has been broken in Pandaria. It no longer alerts you with sound or at all when rares are in the vicinity in Pandaria, even with having interface>all nameplates on. It seems to have stopped working a few weeks ago. It still alerts for Galleon and the Sha of Anger upon spawn however, curiously enough.

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  • GravhundenEmma posted a comment Jul 8, 2019

    Please check if you got Npc Scan set to using Grunting Horn as the sound file - If you do... change it to anything else that doesn't start with NPC Scan and see if it works.


    Or follow the instructions from

    alerts.lua is found under Interface ->NPCScan -> Preferences in your wow folder.

    To open the file you either need to follow the instructions by user Endlesslyunamusing which is a comment in the linked post.

    Or you can search for NotePad++ on google and install the free version. Then when trying to open a lua file, search your pc for NotePad++ and open it with that.

    I use NotePad++

    But that is personal preference.


    Edited Jul 8, 2019

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