Suggestion - NPC Category if it isn't an Achievement mob #232

  • Enhancment
  • GrimNotepad created this issue Jul 26, 2018

    Thanks for keeping this addon going, its incredibly useful.

    I was questing through draenor last night with my hunter and i was having to check each time a popup happened if it was a tameable or non-achievement rare.


    I don't want to turn off tameables completely because some pets i do want, but since i don't need all of them (no achievement for filling your stables) it would be nice to know if i can safely ignore a pop-up without hunting around for the mob.


    So where you have the achievement name, it would be nice if you could put the category (Tameable, Rare, Custom) where the mob is non-achievement mob


    Thanks keep up the great modding!!

  • GrimNotepad added a tag Enhancment Jul 26, 2018

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