[Suggestion] HandyNotes style map/minmap markers for Pre-WoD areas. #206

  • Enhancment
  • squishedmittens created this issue Feb 20, 2018

    I miss the old NPCScan Overlay in pre-WoD content showing the locations of where rares stood or roamed. I believe that something similar as part of NPCScan would be highly benefitial for rare hunters and achievement hunters alike.

    In particular I like how it is done for HandyNotes_Argus, a blue skull if you haven't killed or collected all viable items from that rare than a white skull from then on out.



    Is this something the devs have thought about since stopping with NPCScane Overlay or would this be better off as a HandyNotes plugin?

  • squishedmittens added a tag Enhancment Feb 20, 2018

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