Suggestion - Tracking specific rares from different zones #169

  • _ForgeUser6813950 created this issue Nov 28, 2016

    NPCScan keeps track of every rare (curently doing Frostbitten and Bloody Rare) and upon killing them, it removes them from the overlay / map. The problem is, when i'm in Shattrath, and open a map of, lets say, Shadowmoon Valley, i don't see anything, blank, no rares. It just keeps track of a rares only in zone you currently are. On the other hand, NPCScan Overlay offers a function "Always show all paths" which gives a look into all the rares in all maps, which is great, but I can't see which of them i'm currently after, and ignoring a specific rares on NPCScan doesn't do a thing, it will alwys show all rares in a zone.

    So, is there a option, or will it be in the future, where one can open a map of a zone in which he isn't, and look just for a specific rares (like ones he didn't encounter)?

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