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    Sep 14, 2016
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  • 7.0.3


James D. Callahan III <jcallahan@curse.com>
2016-09-14 07:46:17 -0500


James D. Callahan III:
    - Add support for LibSink-2.0 since people were asking for the return of output to the chat frame - defaults to off. Minor rearrangement of the Alerts preference pane as a result.
    - Update preferences display to be the correct color when NPC achievement criteria is completed.
    - Detect NPCs which have GUID types of Vehicle and Pet.
    - Ensure the existence of a close button for a TargetFrame when entering combat, since vignette-spawned instances will lack a raid icon marker.
    - Change TargetButton.RaidIcon from a Texture to Button that inherits UIPanelCloseButton, so the TargetButton can be dismissed in combat. Only enabled during combat.
    - As with the Tameable preferences, ignore achievementID for Rares - the NPC should be shown regardless.

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