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  • 7.0.3


James D. Callahan III:
    - Throttle the alert sound interval to once per two seconds, so multiple detections in that span don't have overlapping sounds.
    - Add questID for Mad Henryk.
    - Update the scan list immediately upon changing the value of ignoreCompletedAchievementCriteria or ignoreCompletedQuestObjectives
    - Simplify things a bit.
    - Ditch registration for NPCScan_DetectionOptionsChanged message; it's unnecessary.
    - Use currentMapID instead of the passed-in mapID, since there are cases where it won't be passed in.
    - Add quest data for Jinikki the Puncturer, and introduce the concept for vignetteQuestID for NPCs which have one that is separate from their completion questID.
    - If an NPC's completion quest is the criteria of an achievement, assign that achievement to the NPC so its name is displayed in the target button.
    - Add Llorian.
    - Fix XML error and path for LibTextDump-1.0 in embeds.xml
    - Lop "Vignette: " off of the beginning of quest names, if applicable, for a better chance of matching it to the NPC via vignette. Example: "Painmistress Selora's" vignette name is "Invasion Point: Devastation" and her completion quest is named "Vignette: Invasion Point: Devastation" This will, of course, only improve the English detection.
    - ChatCommand fix.
    - Threw everything away and started over. This is not finished, but if you don't care about adding/removing custom NPCs, ignoring NPCs, or toggling entire achievements of NPCs on or off, it works a hell of a lot better than the old version.
    - Missed a line.
    - Move definition of TextDump into the do block with the rest of the debug code.
    - Cleanup.
    - Improvements for the debug frame: Self-instantiating, added private.GetDebugger which also instantiates if non-existent, increased width and height, and use the new LibTextDump-1.0 dateFormat parameter for timestamps.
    - Reformatting.
    - Drop the leading underscore from the AddOn's name.
    - Add Core.lua as step 1 of full rewrite.
    - Tidy up the ToC - reorganize and remove extraneous information that isn't referenced anywhere (and is out of date).
    - Consolidate declarations for faction/tamable code that is currently completely unused - may be an oversight.
    - Remove localization phrases and tables that are no longer used.
    - Remove check for tamable rare not being in its expected zone since that is no longer a possibility.
    - Rewrite of scanner code - round one.
    - Assign the configured raid icon in OnFound so it will be automatic for any detection method.
    - Pass the unitToken to OnFound instead of the results of UnitName(unitToken) - the name is assigned within.
    - Renames.
    - Remove MANUAL_PANDARIA_ADDITIONS and place (all of) the correct NPC IDs in the MapNPCs table for each of the zones they can be found in
    - Remove warning that cache-scanning is no longer a thing; it's been almost two years.
    - Yank some unnecessary/unused event registrations.
    - Add alias for private.IsNPCQuestComplete so _NPCScan.Overlay doesn't explode. The fact that this even works shows that someone doesn't know what the fucking word "private" means, and has opened everything in that table to the global namespace. Which, as the name implies, was not the goddamn plan. To be fixed with extreme prejudice.
    - ... and do likewise in the .toc
    - Move NPCData.lua into the Data directory.
    - Data initialization fixes.
    - Rename NPCQuestIsComplete to IsNPCQuestComplete, and move it to before its first occurrence in the file it's defined in so the private table lookup can be omitted there.
    - Also remove ISLE_OF_THUNDER_MAP_ID as unnecessary, and was wrong as well; I have no idea what 1064 is supposed to be, but the actual map ID is either 928 or 933.
    - Remove DARKMOON_ISLAND_MAP_ID - not only is it no longer longer needed due to switching entirely to map IDs, but it was completely wrong - it should have been 823, but was set to 947 which is Draenor's Shadowmoon Valley...
    - Rewrite lookup table initialization to use the new NPCData table, and remove all the X_TO_WORLD_NAME tables.
    - Remove private.CUSTOM_NPC_NAME_TO_ID table - was only ever assigned to and never referenced.
    - Completely divorce location data from NPC data, using map IDs instead of continent and zone names. Allows more precise tracking, especially since names can be duplicated and NPCs can exist in more than one zone/area.
    - Cleanups, even though I'm 100% certain I'm going to completely rip this code out soon.
    - Rewrite dump code for new data formats.
    - Cleanups.
    - Dead code removal.
    - Purge unnecessary cruft from NPC_DATA table.
    - Fix up zone names in preparation for data dump to the new format.
    - Remove all code relating to the "cache" which was irrevocably broken upon the release of WoW 6.x
    - Dead code removal.
    - Move unnecessary GeneralNPCUpdate parameter inline.

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