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    Dec 13, 2015
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  • 6.2.3


SLOKnightfall <SLOKnightfall@gmail.com>
2015-12-13 11:43:13 -0800

tagging updates


    - Added debug value to the SpamDelay to make debugging alerts easier.
    Added mob deactivation for Rare & Tameable mobs to the Player Leaving World Event.  This should fix some mobs not being properly disabled when changing continents.
    Updated world id detection to properly detect Darkmoon Island as it does not actually have a continent ID.
    - Changed saved options to a profile based system.  This should hopefully fix issues where updating caused options to get toggled.  Any previous setting will get imported to the <Character name> - <Server> profile.
    - -Fix for not triggering Vignette alerts when mob is not found in DB or when the Vignette name does not match the mob name in the DB. -Updated the NPCData tables to update with mob_id & mob_names provided by the Achievement API

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