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    Oct 30, 2013
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 5.4.0


    - Updated Tamable Mob Names to point to localized names. Updated Rare Mob tab & description to point to localized info
    - Fixed error in local files
    - Updated locale files for known mob translations. Updated Locale-ruRU.lua with updated translations.
    - Fixed _g.InCombatLockdown error
James D. Callahan III:
    - Ticket #27: Hide target_button upon creation - at this point no scripts are required.
    - Moved more things around.
    - Moved more target_button settings.
    - Renamed NS to target_button and moved most of its relevant settings to immediately after its creation.
    - Useless line is useless.
    - Store completion state of an achievement on the achievement object.
    - Removed AchievementCritertaUpdate() by stuffing its body into private.Updater.OnLoop() which was the only place it was ever used.
    - Comment cleanup.
    - Scoping fix.
    - Reformatting.
    - Variable renames.
    - Logic flip.
    - Do away with private.SlashCommand() - simply assign the function to the SlashCmdList entry directly.

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