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Supported WoW Versions

  • 3.3.5


    • The WorldMap module now hides its key dynamically if the key covers too much of the map, and also maintains a minimum key scale to keep its text from shrinking too small.
    • Removed the Cartographer3 module, since Cartographer is no longer being developed.
    • Added localized names to the WorldMap's key frame for most NPCs in all locales.
    • Added zhTW localization by s8095324.
    • Fixed integration with Mapster 1.3.8.
    • Tukemuth's path now goes around Wyrmrest Temple instead of through it.
    • Zone data is now indexed by WorldMapArea ID rather than by filename constants.
    • Minimap overlays now properly update when the map view returns to the current zone.
    • Added slash commands to open the options window: “<kbd>/npcscanoverlay</kbd>”, “<kbd>/npcoverlay</kbd>”, and “<kbd>/overlay</kbd>”.
    • No longer depends on _NPCScan to load, and can run standalone.  If no scanning mod registers itself, _NPCScan.Overlay shows all paths by default.
    • Added an “<samp>Always show all paths</samp>” option to always show all available patrols, even if the mob isn't being looked for.
    • The options pane can now be scrolled when enough modules are registered in it.
  • New versions of AlphaMap have been renamed to AlphaMap3, and should work again.
    • Fixed an error related to having the Battlefield Minimap shown.
    • Moved the World Map toggle checkbox to an empty space when Mapster shows its dropdown there.
    • Fixed a bug where the World Map module would appear even while disabled when Carbonite was loaded.
    • The Minimap module's range ring doesn't fade out with the rest of the overlays anymore.
    • The World Map toggle checkbox now dodges more stuff from Mapster when the map shrinks.
    • Added Arcturis' lone spawn point.
    • Bog Lurker's southern patrol adjusted slightly.
    • Added a toggle checkbox to the bottom of the World Map to quickly hide overlays.
  • Updated to support the WorldMap changes in 3.3.
    • Added support for Cartographer3.
    • Most mob paths redrawn to accurately reflect data from WoWDB.
    • Bullets in the WorldMap's key will hopefully display in all locales.
    • Added support for AlphaMap.
    • Added optional support for LibRareSpawns to show portraits in _NPCScan's mob list.
    • The key frame now only appears in Carbonite when its map frame is in “maximized” mode.
    • Reduced the appearance of lines inside of drawn paths.
  • Now draws a 100 yard ring on maps indicating where found mobs probably are. Putridus is excluded from this, since his detection range is as wide as Icecrown.
  • Initial release.