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Supported WoW Versions

  • 9.0.1




  • Improved the handling of skin setting changes.
  • Updated the Interface version for Retail to 90002.
  • Updated SFX Widgets.


  • Added an option to toggle the pulse effect on cooldown regions.


  • Increased the API_VERSION to 90002.

Group API

  • The :ReSkin() method now accepts a button as a parameter that will cause only that button to be refreshed.
  • The :Disable(), :Enable() and :SetColor() methods have been deprecated for external use.

Skin API

  • Added support for custom edge textures via the EdgeTexture attribute for cooldown regions.
    • String path to a custom edge texture.
    • Defaults to Masque's high-quality edge texture.
  • Added support for custom pulse textures via the PulseTexture attribute for cooldown regions.
    • String path to a custom pulse texture.
    • Defaults to the game's "star" texture.
    • This texture cannot be recolored.
  • Added an IsRound option to Cooldown regions that tells Masque to use circular textures.
  • The Masque_Version attribute has been deprecated in favor of an API_VERSION attribute, for consistency.
  • The third parameter, Replace, of the :AddSkin() method has been deprecated, as it's unnecessary.


  • Updated zhTW. (RainbowUI)

Bug Fixes

  • Custom spell alerts should now be properly applied to skins with a matching shape.
  • Empty textures should now function properly for the Normal region on Action, Item and Pet Buttons.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a skin's default color to be saved to the user's profile when cancelling out of the color picker.