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  • Accuracy
  • Adjust the size of the Player Arrow on the Map for better visibility.
  • Alpha
  • Change the scale of the world map if you do not want the whole screen filled while the map is open.
  • Coordinates
  • Cursor
  • Disable Mouse
  • Disable the mouse interactivity of the main map, eg. to change zones.
  • EJ Icon Scale
  • Enable Coordinates
  • Enable FogClear
  • Faded Alpha
  • FogClear
  • Font Size
  • Font Size on the normal map.
  • Hide Map Button
  • Mapster allows you to control various aspects of your World Map. You can change the style of the map, control the plugins that extend the map with new functionality, and configure different profiles for every of your characters.
  • Overlay Color
  • Player
  • PlayerArrow Scale
  • POI Scale
  • Scale
  • Scale of the big map.
  • Scale of the Encounter Journal Icons on the Map.
  • Scale of the POI Icons on the Map.
  • The Coordinates module adds a display of your current location, and the coordinates of your mouse cursor to the World Map frame.
  • The FogClear module removes the Fog of War from the World map, thus displaying the artwork for all the undiscovered zones, optionally with a color overlay on undiscovered areas.
  • The map will fade out to the configured Fade Alpha level when you start moving.
  • The transparency of the big map.
  • The transparency of the map while you are moving and the map is faded.
  • You can change the transparency of the world map to allow you to continue seeing the world environment while your map is open for navigation.
  • You can control the accuracy of the coordinates, e.g. if you need very exact coordinates you can set this to 2.

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