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Magic Marker lets you easily classify and mark mobs simply by moving the mouse over them while pressing a modifier key. This allows incredibly fast marking of trash groups. Although not necessary for the addon to function, you can configure the priority and crowd control methods you wish to use on a per mob basis. You can also customize the marks to use for tank targets and each crowd control method. This allows for consistent marking of targets to tank and crowd control in raid and party situations


  • Mob-level configuration to specify the priority, desired category (i.e Tank or Crowd Control) and applicable crowd control methods.
  • Automatically learns new crowd control methods as they are discovered.
  • Prioritize raid icon configuration for tank targets and all crowd control methods.
  • Prioritize crowd control methods.
  • Separate priorities for crowd controlling and tanking (optional).
  • Marks targets in priority order simply my mousing over them.
  • Automatically learn about new mobs as you encounter them.
  • Ability to unmark and mark targets manually at the press of a button.
  • Ability to ignore mobs you don't want to mark.
  • Never use more raid icons for a specific CC method than there are members of the class in the raid/party (i.e if there are two mages in the raid, there will never be more than 2 targets marked for sheeping).
  • Option to honor externally marked targets (i.e if someone manually marked a target MagicMarker won't clobber it).
  • Option to preserve marks on the raid members.
  • Ability to save a template of the marks on the raid and recall them (not persistant).
  • Ability to mark members of the raid based on some preset rules.
  • Full fledged dynamically generated UI to configure all the details (while using minimal amount of memory).
  • Network syncing for marking, unmarking and sharing of the mob database and mark/cc settings.
  • Clears used marks when mob dies.
  • Send a list of marks, mob name and kill/cc method to the raid / party chat channel.
  • Keybindings to manipulate mob configuration (priorities, category) without opening the mob database, makes initial configuration and adjustments easier.
  • Ability to select minimum number of mobs to always mark as tank targets.
  • Ability to import data from MagicMarker_Data (included in the package).

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