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  • _ForgeUser9354 created this issue Jan 2, 2011


    using the newest version, I have often the Problem that Magic Marker doesn't release the marking.

    It says in the debug text: Releasing X from dead mob Stonecore Warbringer, but with the next marking it still says:

    Recalculating mark priority list:

    X for mob Stonecore Warbringer and there is only the Boss Ozruk for marking.

    So often after 1-2 trash groups I must reset the icon cache.

    Here is a screenshot:



    http://img64.imageshack.us/i/88673054.png/ Only Osruk was there.

    http://img704.imageshack.us/i/20673673.png/ At the end of the instance magic marker has still this two in his "cache".

    Hope this can help you.


    Greetings Nils

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  • _ForgeUser9354 posted a comment Jan 3, 2011


    Does MagicMarker only mark targets which I Mouse over ?

    2 Times it has an Mob name in the Recalculating mark priority list, which wasn't in the mob group, but in an Add Group some yards away. He has the mob with the mark X for sheep in the priority list, but doesn't mark it. So this mob doesn't get killed for releasing the mark and he still has the mob in the "cache" and can't use the mark.

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  • DHedbor posted a comment Jan 24, 2011

    It's possible this is related to the buggy GUID parsing I've just fixed. In either case, I've always had the habit of clearing the list after a pull (going back to Sunwell). Auto-clearing doesn't work all the time since many mobs actually don't die.

    Anyhow, try the newest release and see if the issue remains for normal mobs like this.

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