Fix for Arenas #73

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  • Chris90su created this issue Mar 15, 2021



    Loggerhead wasn't working for arenas (rated/skirmish). Tracked it down to them returning DifficultyID of 0 which is not included difficultyLookup table. I added "[0]="Arena", -- 0: Arena" to the top of the table and it seems to work now.

  • Chris90su added a tag New Mar 15, 2021
  • dratrr added a tag Enhancment Mar 25, 2021
  • dratrr posted a comment Mar 25, 2021

    Hi Chris90su,


    Thanks for the report and suggested change.

    DifficultyID 0 is not specifically arena's, but is what is returned for places that don't have a difficulty.

    So your change does cause arenas to log, but can also cause other unintended locations to ask about logging.

    I'll try to look at a way to support arenas in the future, but it's outside the intended use of the addon and will be low priority.

  • dratrr removed a tag New Mar 25, 2021

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