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  • _ForgeUser61739 created this issue Sep 9, 2009

    What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?

    What would be great is if Sparky could display whether or not a crafted item was found on our last scan of the AH.

    This would work for almost any profession, but I'll use glyphs as an example. If no one has a certain glyph up on the AH you want to craft that one and post it, so it'd be neat if Sparky could help us display that by our last scan (rather than include all scans ever done). Would work for enchants not found, gems not found, etc. Being a great asset for getting the jump on needed products on the AH.

    This could be just a coloration of the numbers already in place or another column option by left/right clicking.

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  • _ForgeUser280725 posted a comment Sep 9, 2009

    you can actually sort of do this by selecting a non-historic pricing module. if you're using auctioneer, select the "Min Buyout" module for the value column and it will use the most recent scan to find the lowest buyout of the item in question. if no item is currently for auction, then the value will be 0. holding alt will toggle the display to show how many items are currently for auction.

    so to do what you're talking about here, you can toggle the value column to be the auction value (instead of the best price) and then right click the column to select the Min Buyout price module. this will also give you an idea of what you might be able to sell glyphs for or whether you should just skip certain items cuz they're too cheap.

    might be possible to add a new module, too, that could do a comparison between the min buyout and the "market price" to help identify items that are over/under valued. perhaps incorporating the auction counts to help avoid listing items that don't actually sell.... hmm... yeah, that might be nice.

  • _ForgeUser61739 posted a comment Sep 9, 2009

    Adding the auction counts would be another good feature. Thanks for the explanation on how to get this done with Auctioneer.

    Currently I'm using Auctionator, I kinda want to keep a historic module just because it gives me a rough ballpark on where things have been listed at if there isn't anything else to go by.

    There's probably some overlap into who this should fall on, auction scanner developers or developers who use their information for other addons (like Sparky). I'll have to check and see if Auctionator can give me a non-historic reading.

    I just like that portion of it and wanted the best of both worlds :P

    Thanks again for the awesome addon, explanation and auction count idea!

  • _ForgeUser280725 posted a comment Sep 10, 2009

    check the pricer modules available with auctionator -- i can't remember if i did a similar min buyout scheme for it (i might have).  also not sure if auctionator provides any sense of the number of times an item has been seen.  lsw tries to be agnostic about the ah mod selection, but some provide more info than others.

    i also (re)designed the system to make it easier for others to plug into lsw so theoretically, an auction mod author could actually write the lsw support module to do what they desire.  not that any of them have...

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