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Supported WoW Burning Crusade Classic Versions

  • 2.5.1


Changes since WoW-2.5.1-release1:


- Corrected the colors returned by GetGatheringSkillColor to match the quest difficulty colors used by the game.

- Made some improvements to the path finding function Tourist:IteratePath(alpha, bravo) to support TBC:

Avoid hostile portals at all cost (hostile boats or zeppelins are accessible, hostile portals are not)

Avoid using connections to Outland when player level is below 58

- All transport connection names now properly reflect the travel direction (i.e. Darkshore - Teldrassil Boat vs. Teldrassil - Darkshore Boat)

- Corrected the names of the zeppelins from/to Undercity: these now connect to Tirisfal Glades.




- Added Function Tourist:GetRequiredSkinningSkill(level)

Returns the minimum required skinning skill for a given mob or zone level. This value is calculated.

- Added function Tourist:GetSkinningLevelString(zone)

Formats the calculated minimum and maximum skinning skill as "[min]-[max]", based on the minimum and maximum player level for the given zone. Returns one number if min and max are equal. Returns an empty string if no player levels are applicable (like in Cities) or available.