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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 9.1.5


Changes since 9.1.0-release1:

Checked and tested the entire path registration representing the network of road connections, boats, zeppelins, portals, waystones and teleports, connecting zones and instances, used by functions like IteratePath.

General changes related to path connections:

- Introduced "Portal" as a zone type, required to be able to distinguish between hostile transports like zeppelins (that can be used by the opposite faction) and hostile portals (that cannot be used by the opposite faction). This information is used by IteratePath. All portals and teleports and one boat (Dazar'Alor - Mechagon Island, see below) are now of type "Portal". A Portal is treated like a Transport.

- Introduced "Flightpath" as a zone type, representing a taxi service path to be used as connection when that is the only way to gain access to a zone without using a flying mount. It's sort of a fake road connection, implemented at specific locations to make sure ALL zones known in LibTourist's administration are connected to each other. A Flightpath is treated like a Transport. See below for a list of introduced Flight paths.

- Improved the function that determines the price of a connection for IteratePath when trying to find a route between two zones. Hostile portals and flightpaths are now inaccessible. Flightpaths are relatively expensive as these should only be included in a route when there is no alternative. Finally, expansion content that is not yet available to a character (based on character level) is now inaccessible: no route will be found by IteratePath.

- Reverse engineered the IteratePath function (which has not changed at all since 2007!) so I finally understand how it works. Added code comments to clarify. The function code still remains unchanged :-)

Changes to path connection data:

-- Split up The Dark Portal in portal connections Hellfire Peninsula - Blasted lands and vice versa
-- Changed road connection Darnassus - Teldrassil into a Teleport
-- Added Orgrimmar - Caverns of Time portal (both directions)
-- Added Stormwind City - Caverns of Time portal (both directions)
-- Added Dazar'Alor - Mechagon Island boat (works like a portal) (Horde)
-- Added Mount Hyjal - Molten Front portal
-- Added Flight paths (see note above) for:
    Isle of Quel'Danas - Eastern Plaguelands (Alliance)
    Isle of Quel'Danas - Silvermoon City (Horde)
    Dalaran (Nothrend) - Icecrown
    Dalaran (Nothrend) - Wintergrasp
    Kun-Lai Summit - Isle of Giants
    The Jade Forest - Timeless Isle (replacing a road connection)
    Kelp'thar Forest - Ironforge (Alliance)
    Kelp'thar Forest - Undercity (Horde)
    Kelp'thar Forest - Searing Gorge (Horde)
    Dalaran (Legion) - Azsuna
    Dalaran (Legion) - Broken Shore
    Dalaran (Legion) - The Vindicaar
    Dalaran (Legion) - Broken Shore
    Tiragarde Sound - Mechagon Island (Alliance)
    Oribos - Bastion
    Oribos - Maldraxxus
    Oribos - Revendreth
    Oribos - Ardenweald
    Bastion - Elysian Hold (replacing a road connection)
-- Added Argus teleport system:
    The Vindicaar - Krokuun
    The Vindicaar - Mac'Aree
    The Vindicaar - Antoran Wastes
    Krokuun - Mac'Aree
    Krokuun - Andoran Wastes
    Mac'Aree - Andoran Wastes

Bugfixes related to path connections:

- Lua error: when IteratePath encountered Northern Stranglethorn while searching for a path, an error would occur when the game locale was not set to English (zone name was not translated, causing a mismatch)
- Several instances were missing a path connection from the zone they reside in to the instance; this has been fixed so all instances can be used by IteratePath as a starting point for a route
- Corrected destination of the Orgrimmar/Stormwind portals to Vashj'ir, now connect to Abyssal Depths
- Fixed The Maw - Oribos Waystone (wrong travel direction)
- Fixed typo in Bloodmaul Slag Mines path to Frostfire Ridge
- Fixed typo in Eye of Azshara path to Azsuna
- Fixed typo in Vault of the Wardens path to Azsuna
- Fixed typo in Blade's Edge Arena path to Blade's Edge Mountains
- Added missing path Mulgore - Camp Narache
- Added missing path Kun-Lai Summit - Townlong Steppes
- Added missing paths Highmountain/Stormheim - Thunder Totem
- Removed road connection Suramar - Broken Shore
- Removed Dark Portal connection Hellfire -> Blasted Lands

Other changes:

- Set version in TOC to 90105
- Added The Vindicaar (ship on Argus)
- Added Sanctum of Domination (raid instance)
- Fixed typo in Bloodmaul Slag Mines entrance location zone
- Fixed typo in Eye of Azshara entrance location zone
- Fixed typo in Vault of the Wardens entrance location zone
- Renamed Mac'Aree to Eredath