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    May 6, 2020
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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 8.3.0


- added missing flight node: Shatterstone Harbour, Vol'dun
- removed duplicate function Tourist:GetFactionColor
- removed all old fishing skill code and data
- added new mechanism to provide fishing skill info

API Change: added function Tourist:GetFishingInfo(zone)
Returns fishing skill info for the specified zone (localized zone name or mapID)
- skillName: Name of the required fishing skill
- maxLevel: Maximum skill level that can be reached for that skill
- currentSkill: Current player skill level for that fishing skill
- skillEnabled: true if the player has learned the required skill
Note 1: no data is available if a skill has not been learned, so if skillEnabled is false, other values will be empty.
Note 2: data is only available if the Fishing Skill dialog has been opened or Tourist:LoadFishingSkills() has been called.

API Change: added function Tourist:LoadFishingSkills()
Triggers the procedure to forcibly load the fishing skill data, required for Tourist:GetFishingInfo().
Because the data required for GetFishingInfo is not available until the Fishing Skills dialog has been opened,
this function briefly opens the dialog so C_TradeSkillUI gets populated with fishing skill data.

Note: Function Tourist:GetFishingLevel(zone) is now OBSOLETE and will be removed in a future version.