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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 4.0.1


    - TOC Bump for 4.0.1
    - Fix for 4.0.1, you can only Stop() or Play() Animations from the AnimationGroup.
    Doing so from the Animation simply fails silently.
    - Bump minor.
    - Avoid a bug with animation objects being put in timerCache too early.
    We must wait until the animation object's callbacks are finished before
    it can be used.  So if CancelTimer() is called within a callback
    followed by a ScheduleTimer() the same animation object is not reused.
    I.E. allows this sort of use:
    local ST = LibStub("LibShefkiTimer-1.0")
    local handle
    handle = ST:ScheduleTimer(function() ST:CancelTimer(handle,true)
    ST:ScheduleTimer(function() print("hello") end,1) end, 1)
    - Support zero length delays.
    - Fix indentation and trailing spaces.
    - Switch to using the Animation object as the primary object.
    No point in creating 3 tables (AnimationGroup, Animation, timer) when
    we can get by with 2.
    Also do the calculation for the acceptable elapsed duration in the
    creation and use it as the repeat flag.  Saves a multplication on every
    timer call and reduces 2 table lookups to one.
    - Fix a typo that broke TimeLeft().
    - Add throttling for repeating timers.
    When the client is busy the animation system will still call the
    OnFinished function the same number of times as though it had a delay.
    This is different behavior from AceTimer where if more time has elapsed
    than should have since the last fire only one fire will happen.
    - Add tconcat upvalue I missed putting in when I put safecall in.
    - Add .docmeta file.
    - Initial commit