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  • phanxaddons created this issue Sep 10, 2012

    In r74, you added 2002, 2002 Bold, AR CrystalzcuheiGBK Demibold, AR Zhongkai GBK Medium, and AR ZhongkaiGBK Medium (Combat) to Western and Russian locales.


    • All 5 of these fonts are visually *nearly* identical to Friz Quadrata TT.
    • 2002 and 2002 Bold are visually identical to each other, except for minor variations in letter spacing.
    • AR CrystalzcuheiGBK Demibold and AR Zhongkai GBK Medium are visually identical to each other.
    • AR ZhongkaiGBK Medium (Combat) is visually identical to the above two, except for minor variations in letter spacing.

    I feel like all 5 of these are just cluttering up the menu with duplicate fonts... it's like having both MORPHEUS.TTF and MORPHEUS_CYR.TTF registered at the same time. :(

  • phanxaddons added the tags New Other Sep 10, 2012
  • Elkano posted a comment Sep 10, 2012

    AR Zhongkai GBK Medium and AR ZhongkaiGBK Medium (Combat) differ in numerical characters. The main reason I added them is that they are shipped with the client and while supporting Latin chars (I excluded some fonts that didn't), they also support koKR or zhCN/zhTW which some users may find useful.

  • phanxaddons posted a comment Sep 10, 2012

    At the very least, could we cut down the list to 1 or 2? All 5 of these fonts are likely completely useless to the vast majority of Western/Russian-locale users. Having them at the top of the list is especially painful, as it forces the user to scroll (more?) to get to the fonts they actually want to use.

    I think it would be fine for users who want to use Korean or Chinese text in a Western- or Russian-locale client to use an additional addon to register these fonts, especially since any such users are already doing this now, and would likely use an addon anyway to make other changes. After all, we already have SharedMedia_Blizzard to register lots of textures that ship with the client. :p

  • phanxaddons posted a comment Sep 10, 2012

    Alternatively, using the localized font names could solve the problem. This would:

    1. Make it very clear what each font is for... will users looking for a Korean compatible font in their English client even think to try a font named 2002?
    2. Put them at the bottom of alphabetical lists for Western and Russian users.
    3. Not show up as question marks in most contexts, since almost all font selection widgets I've seen show each font name using the font itself.

    Edited Jan 28, 2013

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