Been getting this since recent minor patch #7

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Assigned to Kemayo
  • mysticalos created this issue Aug 29, 2009

    Date: 2009-08-29 00:49:56
    ID: -1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ...her_QuestInfo\libs\LibQuixote-2.0\LibQuixote-2.0.lua line 357:
       attempt to index field '?' (a boolean value)
       [C]: ?
       ...her_QuestInfo\libs\LibQuixote-2.0\LibQuixote-2.0.lua:357: ?()

    Not sure if bug is in questinfo or libquixote, but i know the error was non existant few days ago, i believe the recent minor patch broke something.

  • mysticalos added the tags New Defect Aug 29, 2009

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