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  • EsperLily created this issue Jan 23, 2013

    When a colspan forces the tooltip to be wider, it seems to increase the width of the first column it covers. In my case this is absolutely not what I want. There should be some way of specifying which column the colspan covers receives the extra width.

    I've attached two screenshots. The first shows the expected output. Note how the second column butts right up against the checkmark in the first column. The second shows the actual output. Note how the checkmark column has received a bunch of extra space.

    I haven't investigated thoroughly, so it's possible it's actually widening all the columns by the same amount (the first column is LEFT and the second column is RIGHT). But the point remains that I want some way of designating the column that receives all the extra space. In my case, that should be column 3.

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  • EsperLily added an attachment Actual.png Jan 23, 2013


    <p>Actual output</p>

  • EsperLily added an attachment Expected.png Jan 23, 2013


    <p>Expected output</p>

  • EsperLily added an attachment tooltip.lua Jan 23, 2013


  • EsperLily posted a comment Jan 23, 2013

    I've uploaded the code that was used to create this tooltip. It's designed to run from within WowLua, so it replaces the visible GameTooltip.

  • EsperLily posted a comment Jan 23, 2013

    Ok, it looks like it's actually splitting the additional needed width among all columns. Seems like intentional behavior, so I guess this could be considered an enhancement request.

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