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  • EsperLily created this issue Jan 23, 2013

    When a colspan is the widest element in the tooltip, the tooltip's width is not calculated properly. The tooltip does get wider, but not wide enough. In my particular case, I have a tooltip with 4 columns, and the colspan has a width of 3. I've attached two screenshots. One shows the actual output, the other shows the approximate expected output (it has too much space on the right, but w/e). I haven't investigated thoroughly, but I wouldn't be surprised if the colspan is calculating the tooltip width assuming it spans all the columns, but it really only spans 3 of them and therefore it ends up being too narrow for its text.

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  • EsperLily added an attachment Actual.png Jan 23, 2013


    <p>Actual output</p>

  • EsperLily added an attachment Expected.png Jan 23, 2013


    <p>Expected output</p>

  • EsperLily added an attachment tooltip.lua Jan 23, 2013


  • EsperLily posted a comment Jan 23, 2013

    I've uploaded the code that was used to create this tooltip. It's designed to run from within WowLua, so it replaces the visible GameTooltip.

  • EsperLily posted a comment Jan 23, 2013

    After reading some of the code, it's clear that LibQTip doesn't really expect to handle layout with different horizontal margins on the columns. The fact that this tooltip has a 0 margin between the first and second columns may be a contributing factor.

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