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tag v1.0.2
Aiue <aiue@aiue.se>
2013-12-05 14:54:32 +0100

Tagging as v1.0.2


    - Attempt at giving things more appropriate names. Also added support for RGB gradients, silly as they may be.
    - Added function Prism:Gradient(), rewrote :GetAngleGradient() to call this for backwards compatibility.
    - Removed unnecessarily silly conditionals from multiplicative saturate/brightness value functions.
    - Allow for multiplicative operations in the saturation/brightness manipulation functions.
    - Fix for :RGBtoHSV()
    - Fix for :RGBtoHSV() with all three color values being identical to one another.
    - Added functions :Saturate(), :Desaturate(), :Lighten() and :Darken()
    - Made the previous fix actually work rather than breaking the function completely. (0/0 = -1.#IND = ALL the numbers\!)
    - A factor of 0/0 will now be defined as 0 within GetAngleGradient() rather than being neither validated nor redefined.
    - #@debug@ in .toc does more than advertised and also adds a space, apparently. Fix due to this.
    - Less zealous validation provides behaviour more closely matching definitions.
    - Minor versioning pokage.
    - Fixed a few errors that should've been caught by testing before even making it to alpha.
    - \'@project-timestamp@\' makes for a bad minor version.
    - Added validation to the conversion functions.
    - :GetAngleGradient() rewritten to only accept raw numbers rather than tables or strings. (Thanx Phanx)
    - Rewrote documentation a bit.
    - Fixed undefined division error.
    - Another attempt at getting documentation parsed.
    - Documentation poke due to me being silly a moment ago.
Jens Nilsson Sahlin:
    - Documentation poke due to me being silly a moment ago.
    - Initial commit.