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    Jul 27, 2016
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Supported Game Versions

  • 7.0.3


    - priest: add discipline core abilities (#95)
    * priest: add discipline core abilities
    * priest: add holy core abilities
    Also fixed and reorganized some Disc abilities.
    - shaman: add enhancement artifact
    - shaman: add enhancement talents
    - mage: add arcane artifact
    - mage: review arcane talents
    - mage: review arcane core abilities
    - mage: fix arcane ordering and formatting
    - shaman: fix Earthquake being a stun and not a knockback
    - shaman: add elemental artifact
    - shaman: add elemental talents
    Primal Elementals are broken because the spell are not added to the pet
    spellbook and thus LibSpellbook can't get them.
    - mage: fix arcane core added some talents
    - shaman: proper order (descending id)
    - shaman: review enhancement core abilities
    - shaman: review elemental core abilities
    - Travis: avoid deployment from getting stuck because of SSH interaction.
    - Fixed ssh_known_hosts indentation.
    - paladin: add retribution artifact
    - paladin: add retribution talents
    - paladin: add retribution core abilities
    - Travis: try to deploy only from AdiAddons/LibPlayerSpells-1.0.
    - Use the ssh_known_hosts addon of Travis to populate ~/.ssh/known_hosts.
    - warrior: add fury artifact
    - warrior: add fury talents
    - warrior: add fury core abilities
    - warrior: add arms artifact
    - warrior: add arms talents
    - warrior: review arms core abilities
    - warrior: add protection artifact
    - warrior: review protection talents
    - warrior: review protection core abilities
    - warrior: change formatting
    - death knight: add unholy artifact
    - death knight: add Dark Succor
    - death knight: add frost talents
    - death knight: add unholy core abilities
    - warrior: add protection core abilities and talents (#94)
    - Fool-proofed deploy.sh
    - Moved deployment files to their own folder.
    - Have Travis-CI push passing builds to git.wowace.com.
    Only push master and tags.
    - Fixed Travis-CI builds.
    - death knight: add frost artifact
    - death knight: review frost talents
    - death knight: review frost core abilities
    - mage: add arcane core and talents up to level 60
    - druid: add restoration artifact
    - druid: add restoration talents
    - monk: fix dispels
    - druid: add restoration core abilities
    - druid: add balance artifact
    - druid: add balance talents
    - druid: add balance core abilities
    - shaman: add enhancement core self buffs (#86)
    - death knight: add frost rest of talents (#89)
    - racials: orc fix blood fury attack power id (#85)
    Also updated library version to 7000 but did not check any other racial yet.
    - death knight: add frost core and some talent (#87)
    Not all talents are covered
    - warrior: add arms core abilities (#88)
    - Switch the README to markdown
    - druid: add feral artifact
    - druid: add feral talents
    - druid: add feral core abilities
    - druid: add guardian artifact
    - druid: add guardian talents
    - druid: add guardian core abilities
    - Bump the interface version and restore LoadOnDemand