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tag 0.3-beta
Rainrider <Rainrider@users.noreply.github.com>
2016-07-19 22:05:37 +0200

First Legion beta

Most of the class spells are not yet added.
See https://github.com/AdiAddons/LibPlayerSpells-1.0/issues/82


    - death knight: add blood artifact
    - death knight: add blood talents
    - death knight: add blood core abilities
    - demon hunter: reorder crowd control auras
    - hunter: reorder crowd control auras
    - monk: reorder crowd control auras
    - monk: mistweavers' detox slipped through somehow
    - monk: remove Soothing Mist as it is a passive effect
    - monk: mistweaver talents
    - monk: mistweaver artifact
    - monk: mistweaver core abilities
    - monk: windwalker talents
    - monk: windwalker artifact
    - monk: windwalker core abilities
    - monk: brewmaster talents
    - monk: brewmaster artifact
    - monk: brewmaster core abilities
    - demonhunter: vengeance talents
    - demonhunter: vengeance artifact
    - demonhunter: revisit vengeance core abilities
    - demonhunter: havoc talents
    - demonhunter: havoc's metamorphosis is a burst
    - demonhunter: havoc artifact
    - demonhunter: update havoc base abilities
    - hunter: add honor talents
    - hunter: complete artifact data
    - hunter: update hunter spells
    Use the build number as the revision number
    - shaman: add base elemental spells
    - hunter: add Healing Shell and Windburst effect
    - hunter: add Bombardment
    - hunter: add Marksmanship's artifact spell
    - hunter: fix the provider of Marking Targets
    - hunter: add Play Dead and Wake Up
    - hunter: add all pet abilities
    TODO: manasabers and oxen
    - hunter: add basic pet abilities
    - hunter: add beast master talents
    - hunter: add marksmanship talents
    This will need to be toned down a lot
    - hunter: add survival talents
    - hunter: add survival spells
    No talents and artifact yet
    - demonhunter: load the file
    - The second argument to __RegisterSpells is actually a number
    - Damn tab settings
    - hunter: add Bursting Shot
    - core: add the demon hunter bit mask
    - hunter: add marksmanship spells
    No talents or artifact yet
    - hunter: add beastmaster spells
    TODO talents, artifact
    - demonhunter: add havoc spells
    No talents yet
    - demonhunter: add vengeance spells
    No talents for now
    - Add a stub for the demon hunter
    - Clean the data for Legion