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Rainrider <Rainrider@users.noreply.github.com>
2016-07-19 21:11:53 +0200

Latest WoD Release


    - Rogue: add Instant Poison
    - Travis: Use --force-yes on apt-get install
    - Travis: Build on trusty
    The git verstion of Ubuntu Precise Stable seems to have problems with
    the fact that the folks from luarocks specify a wrong branch in the
    rockspec of luabitop (and a wrong git repo too). Git on Ubuntu Trusty
    handles that.
    - Fix travis CI
    - Rogue: Add Blade Fury
    - monk: bump data revision number
    - Removed whitespace...
    - Added Serenity
    Added Serenity as a personal aura with cooldown. I'm not sure if the spell qualifies for the "POWER_REGEN" flag. It doesn't generate chi over time, but replenishes lost chi after chi consuming abilities.
    - Bump the toc
    - [druid] Fix Tooth and Claw mssing provider
    Fixes https://github.com/Adirelle/LibPlayerSpells-1.0/issues/80
    - [data] Bump patch version und reset revision
    Individual class data still needs confirmation but should be compatible
    with patch 6.2
    - [mage] Amplify Magic was removed
    Fixes https://github.com/Adirelle/AdiButtonAuras/issues/186
    - [hunter] Aspect of the Fox removed
    - core: add localization of the buff categories
    A new API call added: GetRaidBuffCategoryNames. See code documentation
    This uses the default in-game translations from GlobalString.lua
    - deathknight: remove a double occurence of Army of the Dead
    This had no implications, so don't bump the data revision
    - deathknight: fix Death Pact
    - priest: bump revision
    - Priest.lua - add Clarity of Will
    Final talent choice exclusive to disc. priests.
    - monk: remove spells added through DRData
    - monk: add Keg Smash's slow
    - tests: make the tests expect GetSpellInfo instead of GetSpellLink
    - druid: some fixes
    fixed Typhoon
    fixed Solar Beam
    added Wild Charge (talent)
    added Wild Mushroom's slow effect
    see https://github.com/Adirelle/AdiButtonAuras/issues/160
    - priest: add Glyph of Mind Flay
    - core: use GetSpellInfo instead of GetSpellLink for spell validation
    Some glyphs do not have links like Glyph of Mind Flay (120585)
    - priest: fix Insanity, add Mind Sear
Hjalte Thor:
    - Bump Druid version number
    - Add Stellar Flare
    - bump toc
    - data: bump patch version
    - shaman: fix Ascendance's provider
    Fixes https://github.com/Adirelle/AdiButtonAuras/issues/176
    - shaman: remove Echo of the Elements
    Seems to have been changed in 6.1
    - druid: remove all but one spells from important
    Map Clearcasting to Regrowth
    Map Predatory Swiftness
    - druid: bump revision
    - druid: fix Berserk
    Berserk (Cat) and Berserk (Bear) do not share their respective buffs and
    present buffs do not change upon switching forms.
    - druid: tidy up a bit
    - druid: fix Bloodtalons talent and proc
    - druid: fix guardian Dream of Cenarius proc
    Fixes https://github.com/Adirelle/AdiButtonAuras/pull/173
    - paladin: tidy up
    - paladin: support the Empowered Seals talent and fix Censure
    - mage: add Arcane Charge
    Fixes https://github.com/Adirelle/AdiButtonAuras/issues/141
    - hunter: fix Steady Focus and Exotic Munitions
    Show Steady Focus on Focusing Shot.
    Move Steady Focus out of important of so I doesn't flash in ABA
    Fix Poisoned Ammo misspelled ID.
    Fix providers for the debuffs Poisoned Ammo and Frozen Ammo.
    - Druid: fixed Typhoon and Infected Wounds, added Wild Mushroom.
    Fixes https://github.com/Adirelle/AdiButtonAuras/issues/160.
    - Warlock: added Kil'jaeden's Cunning, Eye of Kilrogg and Soulburn.
    Fixes https://github.com/Adirelle/AdiButtonAuras/issues/162.
    - Monk: fixed Transcendence and added Life Cocoon.
    Fixes https://github.com/Adirelle/AdiButtonAuras/issues/159.
    - Rogue: fixed Vanish.
    Fixes https://github.com/Adirelle/AdiButtonAuras/issues/155.
    - Deathknight: added Remorseless Winter and Conversion.
    Fixes https://github.com/Adirelle/AdiButtonAuras/issues/157.
    - hunter: fix Deterrence with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimaera talent
    fixes Adirelle/AdiButtonAuras#152
    - shaman: version bump
    - shaman: fix the spell id for Purify Spirit
    - Shaman: reorder some spells.
    - Shaman: fixed providers for Tidal Wave, Maelstrom Weapon and Echo of the Elements.
    Fixes GH-73.
    - shaman: fix the ids of the modified spells for Echo of the Elements (Elemental)
    - shaman: re-order spells according to the contribution guidelines
    Please read https://github.com/Adirelle/LibPlayerSpells-1.0/wiki/Contribution-Guidelines
    - shaman: fix modified spells mapping
    - shaman: use double quotes for consistency
    - shaman: add shaman dispels
    fixes Adirelle/AdiButtonAuras#143
    - Warrior: display Mortal Wounds on Mortal & Wild Strike.
    Fixes https://github.com/Adirelle/AdiButtonAuras/issues/138.