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Guillaume Perréal:
    - More README updates.
    - README updated.
    - Preparing for the wowace.com packager and documenter.
    - Added a README.
    - Shaman: updated some totems and Feral Spirit.
    See #1.
    - Druid: fixed Savage Defense buff id.
    Fixes https://github.com/Adirelle/AdiButtonAuras/issues/8.
Guillaume Perréal:
    - Monk: fixed Ring of Peace targeting and Rising Sun Kick id.
    - Monk: Dizzying Haze debuff has several ids.
    - Shaman: added several spells for elemental spec.
    Code provided by ckaotik, see #1.
    - Hunter: Serpent Sting debuff has a different id for Survival.
Guillaume Perréal:
    - Druid: Omen of Clarity has different ids for feral and restoration.
    - Hunter: Multi-Shot gives Beast Cleave to BM hunters.
    - Monk: added a second identifier for Legacy of the Emperor.
Guillaume Perréal:
    - Typos.
    - Monk: Power Strikes modifies Rushing Jade Wind.
    - Monk: rewrote definitions using nested tables.
    - Listed interrupts and dispels for all classes.
    - Core: added three new spell types: crowd-control, interrupts and dispels.
    - Priest: link Weakened Soul with Power Word: Shield.
    - Core: added a new flag, INVERT_AURA, to indicate that an aura is a debuff on allies or a buff on enemies.
    - Priest: added a bunch of aura and procs.
    - Added raid buffs for all classes.
    - Monk: added missing talent cooldowns and glyphed mana tea.
Guillaume Perréal:
    - Priest: added most cooldowns.
    - Added survival cooldowns for DK, mage, paladin, rogue, warrior and priest.
    - Warlock: typo.
    - Warlock: Nether Ward does not exist anymore.
    - Warlock: first version.
Guillaume Perréal:
    - Core: added an method to retrieve the list of raid buff types.
    - Druid: refactored definition using nested tables.
    - Core: properly propagate flags to nested tables.
    - Hunter: refactored using nested tables.
    - Core: allow [spellId] = true definitions.
    - Hunter: added raid buffs.
    - Core: typo, MASTER => MASTERY.
    - Druid, Monk: added raid buffs.
    - Core: added a raid buffs.
    Raid buffs are denoted by a bit in the flags. The type of raid buffs is stored in a separate table.
    - Racials: updated to use the new complex definition feature.
    - Core: allows more complex spell defintiion, with nested tables and spell-specific flags.
    - Core: filterIterator => FilterIterator.
    - Core: fixed how ValidateSpellId handles nested tables.
    - Core: fixed local function names.
    - Core: Luadoc updates.
    - Core: prefixes private attribute names with "__".
    - Core: moved spell categories to their own tables so .spells only list all spells.
    - Druid: added Mastery: Harmony.
    - Druid: fixed Typhoon and Nature's Swiftness.
    - Core: sanitized usage of globals.
    - Druid: typo.
Guillaume Perréal:
    - "PROC" flag didn't exist, added "IMPORTANT" instead.
    - Monk: fixed Energizing Brew and added Mana Tea.
    - Hunter: fixed Fervor and Misdirection flags.
    - Druid: first version.
    - Core: added two new flags: MANA_REGEN and POWER_REGEN.
    - Core: fixed :GetFlagTester().
    - Core: use 0 as the mask for false or empty filters.
    - Hunter: added Kill Shot, Lock and Load, and Bestial Wrath.
    - Core: accept "UNIQUE_AURA".
    - Hunter: added a bunch of spells !
    - Core: added a "PET" target.
    - Added stubs for all classes.
    - Monk: updated providers and added modifiers.
    - Core: provider spell is the modified spell by default.
    - Core: allows to list several modified spells in the modifier table.
    - Core: moved consitency checks after the spell list has been flattened.
    - Typo.
    - Core: added some consistency checks.
    - Core: renamed "aliases" to "providers" and added modifiers.
    - Core: GetVersionInfo(category) now returns (version, interface, minor).
    - Core: minor comment and whitespace changes.
    - Core: reordered the constants.
    - Core: changed the one-uppercase-letter upvalue names to real names.
Guillaume Perréal:
    - Monk: added aura to spell mapping.
    - Core: added an mapping table to link auras to actual spells of the spellobook.
    - Core: removed GetSpellList, made BuildTester public as GetFlagTester.
    - Core: changed the filtering API.
    - Core: check spell existence.
    - Tradeskill: removed obsolete Lifeblood id.
    - Monk: fixed Guard id.
    - Added proper filter for racials and tradeskills.
    - Removed a debug statement.
    - Luadoc updates.
    - Added monks' spells.
    - Added a method to get a list of spells.
    And refactored the internals.
    - Typos.
    - No LoadOnDemand until the library is stable.
    - First version.