Request: Link recipe ItemID to the SpellID it teaches #51

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Assigned to elkano
  • Ravendwyr created this issue Aug 6, 2014

    This library has almost everything I need except for one thing: a link between recipe itemID and the spellID of the recipe it teaches.

    For example, item ID 44596 (Goblin's Guide to Elementium) teaches spell ID 22967 (Smelt Enchanted Elementium) but there isn't a link between itemID and spellID. Currently the recipe itemID is in the "Tradeskill.Recipe.Mining.Drop" section but has a value of 300, the skill required to learn the recipe from the item.

    If this can be changed or replaced to include the spellID (say, "44596:300:22967" instead of "44596:300") then I can start phasing out my dataminer and start using LibPeriodicTable instead.

    Or if there is a different way this link can be achieved then please let me know as this dataminer is starting to drive me crazy.

  • Ravendwyr added the tags New Enhancment Aug 6, 2014
  • MuffinManKen posted a comment Jul 11, 2016

    This seems like it would be a lot of work for a very niche use. It also really doesn't seem to fit what LibPeriodicTable does.

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