Expose CalculateHealing #80

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  • driiper created this issue Oct 22, 2020

    Hi, The library is great, and it does quite nice calculations in terms of predicting the correct heal value.

    However, I am not able to find any exposed API for the actual calculation (initial perhaps)


    Would it be possible to expose the CalculateHealing function so that addons could use this feature?

    I've patched this on my own, but I would be too supprised if others would like this too.

    diff --git a/libs/LibHealComm-4.0/LibHealComm-4.0.lua b/libs/LibHealComm-4.0/LibHealComm-4.0.lua
    index 91e1f88..12334aa 100644
    --- a/libs/LibHealComm-4.0/LibHealComm-4.0.lua
    +++ b/libs/LibHealComm-4.0/LibHealComm-4.0.lua
    @@ -2386,6 +2386,7 @@ function HealComm:OnInitialize()
    + HealComm.CalculateHealing = CalculateHealing

    The only catch of doing this, afaik is that the third parameter must be set as well. I would assume that it should be enough with only two arguments being playerGUID and spellID?

  • driiper added a tag Enhancment Oct 22, 2020

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