Extend CanAttack to 2 args like UnitCanAttack #5

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Assigned to ckknight
  • _ForgeUser30794 created this issue Oct 28, 2008

    Request to change CanAttack to allow two arguments to pass. This is to allow checking if unit1 can attack unit2 of course.

    Suggest default to player on 1 argument or require 2 at all times if necessary. Yes this is UnitCanAttack aliasing more than it was.

    Use Case: CowTip's default threat line rewritten to check and only show threat when it's a sane case would require checking mouseover's ability to attack your target.
    DogTag line would look like: http://ace.pastey.net/99993-23k3

  • _ForgeUser30794 added the tags New Enhancment Oct 28, 2008

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