Talent Spec Updating #14

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Assigned to ckknight
  • _ForgeUser1225351 created this issue Apr 18, 2009

    DogTag currently handles the display of talent specs by only checking the spec of a unit once per session, and then storing the unit's spec in memory for the duration of the session.  With dual specs, this creates a problem where the spec a player initially had active is often not the same as the spec they currently have active.  DogTag should have the ability to re-query for the talent spec after a reasonable amount of time to see if the unit has changed its talent spec.

  • _ForgeUser1225351 added the tags New Enhancment Apr 18, 2009
  • _ForgeUser1375332 posted a comment Apr 18, 2009

    Yes please, update the frequency for Talent updates. thanks!

  • ChrisNP posted a comment Jul 5, 2013

    Viewing other people's talent specs with [TalentTree] doesn't work for me. It works for myself, and when targeting myself though.

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