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Supported WoW Versions

  • 7.0.3
  • 6.2.4


    - Increased dev version number now that we're using the datestamp instead of a unix timestamp
    - Maybe file-date-integer will work
    - Switched to project-timestamp to see if the packager will cooperate
    - Marked as compatible with 7.0
    - Replaced SVN keyword substitution
    - Added mailmap to merge authors
    - - Legion priest updates: replaced Shadow Orbs with Insanity for 7.0 clients, added ShadowPriestMP for 7.0 clients
    - - Fixed Legion check in Status to use version 7.0 instead of 6.0 - Removed UnitIsTapped usage for the HostileColor color when in Legion/7.0
    - - Shadowform is gone in Legion - Tapping mechanics changed in Legion. Retired the two old tapping tags, replaced with IsNotTappableByMe. There is no API anymore to determine IsTappedByMe, despite this still having relevance.
    - - TOC bump for 6.2
    - - TOC bump for 6.1
    - - Added [RestingIcon] and [CombatIcon] from ticket #33.
    - - Updated [Combos] and [ComboSymbols] in 6.0 to use UnitPower(unit, 4) instead of GetComboPoints()
    - - Fixed error caused by the removal of GetNumRaidMembers and GetNumPartyMembers
    - - Updated X-Compatible-With to 5.4 since 4.3 is ancient.
    - - WoW 6.0 TOC update. Committing early to allow consumer mods to package the new lib.
    - - Tags for special powers are no longer flagged as noDoc for classes that don't use that specific power, since that behavior isn't seen in any other class-specific tags in LDT-Unit.
    - - Added a check for a variable named __DT_dontcancelupdatesforMO on fontStrings in order to prevent the timer handler from canceling queued updates on fontStrings whose unit kwarg == "mouseover". Behavior remains unchanged if this variable is not set.
    - - Check that guid isn't nil before calling calculateBestUnit() from inside refreshGUID() in order to greatly cut down on CPU usage and hopefully prevent some more 'script ran too long' errors.
    - - Fixed a massive memory leak that has existed since the Auras module was first created. This is the one that is reported in the comments at http://www.wowace.com/addons/libdogtag-3-0/ and is the subject of http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/tellmewhen/tickets/859-show-timer-forces-elv-ui-timer-memory-leak/#c31
    - - TOC update for 5.4
    - - Added a call to DogTag.checkYield to help solve the "script ran too long" errors
    - - Added arena and arenapet units with localized default names
    - - Add localized default names for boss units - Added UNIT_TARGETABLE_CHANGED as a UnitChanged trigger
    - - Added boss5 to boss unit tokens, and boss target/targetarget wacky units
    - - Updated TOC for 5.3
    - - Added the [RaidStacks] tag. Useful for tracking Renewing Mists for monks.
    - - 5.2 TOC update
    - - Added checking for patch 5.2 before creating the TotalAbsorb tag
    - - Added [TotalAbsorb] and [IncomingHeal] tags
    - - Fixed events for AuraDuration so that it works properly.
    - - TOC increased for 5.1
    - - Added tags for power types like Soul Shards, Holy Power, etc.
    - - Show the FFA PVP icon for Pandaren who haven't chosen a faction but are PVP flagged (fixes a big green box showing up in the aforementioned case).
    - - Fixed talent queries for 5.0.
    - - Updated TOC for 5.0.
    - - Reverted r237 and r234 as they did, in fact, break something in IceHUD and probably other mods.
    - - Commented out a now-unused function.
    - - Rewriting completely moronic code, 17 lines at a time.
    - - Moved the localized unit name alternative if a name was not found to the Name tag ( I just took it out from the compilation step )
    - - Commented out some code that, to me, looks pretty pointless. Apologies if I break something somewhere.
    - - Cheap fix for LibDogTag-Unit-3.0.lua line 223: attempt to index local 'guidToUnits_oldGuid' (a nil value). See http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/tellmewhen/tickets/539-random-error-2/ for more info. I don't know why this happened, but hopefully I fixed it.
    - - Added MonkMana category (dupe of DruidMana, unfortunately...these should probably be shared, but oh well.)
    - - More WoW 5.0 fixes for parties/raids and talent queries.
    - - WoW 5.0 fix for UnitIsPartyLeader -> UnitIsGroupLeader
    - - Updated X-Compatible-With tag in the toc file.
    - - Added upvalues - Fixed an incorrect comparison
    - - Added upvalues - Fixed an incorrect comparison - Removed a pointless line of code
    - - Added upvalues - Made IterateFactions available publicly
    - - Added upvalues
    - - Rewrote UPDATE_FACTION to utilize the new IterateFactions in Reputation.lua
    - - Rewrote reputation tags so that they can query reputations beneath collapsed headers
    - - Reverted back to the old revision number until I can figure out why all the version numbers in all of the DogTag addons are so screwy
    - - Cybeloras: Fix for "Error with code: bad argument #1 to "format" (string expected, got nil)"
    - - updated TOC to 4.3
    - - update toc to 4.2
    - - removed all tags referencing pet happiness for 4.1+ clients
    - - toc bump
    - - ticket #24: fixed spacing on PvPIcon tag
    - - added support for alternate power (AltP, MaxAltP, PercentAltP, FractionalAltP, MissingAltP, IsMaxAltP, and HasAltP) - updated MP-related power calls to use UnitPower API instead of UnitMana
    - - fixed talent tags to pull the active talent group
    - - updated for new return values on GetTalentTabInfo
    - TOC Bump.
    - - updated for cataclysm: removed references to Divine Intervention as the spell has been removed and replaced references to UNIT_(MAX)MANA/ENERGY/FOCUS/RAGE/HAPPINESS with UNIT_(MAX)POWER - bumped toc to 30300 and set X-Compatible-With to 40000
    - If LibBossIDs-1.0 is detected, use it to check for boss status for UnitClassification checks.
    - Add support for new boss[1-4] UnitIDs.
    - Touch the file so the minor version gets updated so in place upgrades work.
    - Bump TOC for 3.2
    - 3.2.0 compatability
    - possible bugfix for double-free issue.
    - bugfix plzplzplz
    - Bugfix with the wacky unit caching
    - - koKR Update
    - - zhTW update
    - bugfixes! At least theoretically.
    - possible bugfix for the invalid key to next issue.
    - Add a system of unit tracking to match wacky units against non-wacky units and ride off of their events if possible. Also cache the player and pet power and only issue FastPower events when there's an actual change.
    - since predicted health no longer exists, remove support for it. Also make predicted power handled optionally and checked by the CVar.
    - bump toc to 30100
    - - koKR Update
    - bugfix to [Name]
    - make [Name] act a bit more sane.
    - change [Name] to show "Owner's Vehicle" if it is a vehicle, otherwise just show the name plain and simple. This only works if "pet" or "vehicle" is in the unit id, not if you're targeting it or what have you.
    - possible bugfix
    - Change the way that Cast tags are calculated. Should be quite a bit more reliable now.
    - some minor tweaking to Auras.
    - - ruRU update
    - Restore LoD to Libraries, as 3.0.8 fixed all bugs that blocked LoD OptionalDeps to load properly.
    - Fix a typo with support for [ShortClass] for female Death Knights.
    - bugfix with FastStats since UnitGUID("player") is nil on first login
    - performance tweak
    - Add PvPDuration tag.
    - - Add "Death Knight"(class & short class) - koKR Update
    - Added HasVehicleUI-tag.
    - Loosen Combos()-tag events so we actually get updates for our target.
    - Indent with tabs instead of spaces.
    - - Give fast updates to frames representing the player or pet frame not just those exact frames.
    - Added optional unit/target args to Combos tag.
    - - [Combos] takes being on a vehicle in account - "vehicle" is now a valid unit.
    - - update the event for the Combos tag (unit_combo_points now)
    - Fix updates of reputation text - UPDATE_FACTION provides no arguments and only fires for the player.
    - Fixed docs of Threat tags.
    - Fix IsMaxHP
    - remove references to WotLK. remove MobHealth references and fix up the Health module a bit.
    - - Threat module remade to work with native Threat API. Tag syntax changed. See DogTag help, Threat category for more information.
    - - [PetRemainingTime] tag added: return time until summoned pet disappears.
    - - Unit auras handling moved to new 3.0.2 UnitAura API. [AuraDuration] tag should work now.
    - Fixed AggroColor error.
    - Update TOC for WotLK
    - Update current health and power for player and pet (if exists) every 0.05 seconds.
    - Do not attempt to use LibMobHealth or similar libraries on 3.x clients. They are obsolete and no longer needed.
    - No longer use LibDruidMana for Wrath since UnitPower() will let us ask for mana even when we have a rage or energy bar.
    - Patch 3.0 prep: Remove LoD from Libraries that have no load manager (LoD+OptDep Bug)
    - WoWAce Post-Processing: Virtually inflate Library Revision numbers for proper upgrade path
    - Facilitate WowAce-on-CurseForge transition
    - Shadowmeld has a new spellid on WoTLK.
    - Continuing the crusade against PLAYER_PET_CHANGED, one addon at a time. Potential bugfixings but likely nothing significant.
    - - Simplify some of the Aura code so that it dispatches less events. This will cause any aura-based tags to update when the unit's auras update, which although it may cause more tags to update, it simplifies so much of the event dispatch logic that it is likely worthwhile.
    - - Change the update time for aura events to be longer.
    - Fix small mistake I made adding WoTLK ComboPoint compatability in r80794.
    - - Add forward compatability for Wrath API change in GetComboPoints()
    - - fix koKR
    - - fix koKR
    - - koKR Update
    - - add runic power capability.
    - - don't mess with the faction thingy when in combat.
    - - added ruRU locale
    - removed a broken event registration from the PVPRank tag.
    - - Make the check for the mouseover unit a bit saner.
    - Add myself to X-Credits per ckknight's request.
    - Oops left a line in that shouldn't still be there.
    - - Fix to allow [Faction] to work on factions that are in collapsed categroies   (e.g. Inactive).
    - - optimization to [RaidGroup]
    - - fix a bug which caused all fontstrings to be seen as wacky units. - set the wacky unit update time to 0.5 instead of 0.25
    - - Make the cast event fire more sanely
    - - Fix to allow castbar text to update for target/focus when changed and   unit is already casting.  (Fixes PB-382 and probably others)
    - - Fix an issue where oldStart could be nil
    - - optimization for Cast tags.
    - Fix a bug of unintended 'L' variable redeclaration
    - added MainTankIcon, MainAssistIcon, and MasterLooterIcon (all untested in raid).
    - - Fixed typo. XD
    - Keep the version processing in line please.
    - - Update zhTW localization.
    - fixed RestXP when not rested.
    - - Added zhTW Localization. (Thanks s8095324)
    - - Added zhTW Localization. (Thanks s8095324)
    - - small optimization by assuming that the player unit always exists
    - .You are not a special or unique snowflake. Get back in line and use the 'Lib: ...' title format like everybody else to save the sanity of those of us looking through an alpha sorted addon list
    - Slight optimization of [IsMasterLooter] 'cause I was lazy the first time.
    - [IsMasterLooter] should probably check if the unit is actually the master looter, not just if they're in your raid.
    - removed special handling of elites in DifficultyColor; the color is now based solely on the mob's level.
    - Classification tags now update properly when units change classifications (e.g. elite->normal in the new daily)
    - - add a note to the Zone doc that it only works if you can't see the unit.
    - - remove a bad assert
    - - fix DruidMana tags.
    - - fix Threat tags, sorta.
    - Added PvPIcon tag. Due to Blizz limitations, it can't scale with text like other icons, and will leave a gap on the left. Sorry.
    - Added RaidIcon tag
    - - test upgrading LibDogTag-Unit-3.0
    - fix Threat event handler args
    - - update API - use :ClearNamespace
    - - fix issues with [AFK] and [Dead] not picking up properly.
    - - fix documentation for HasMP
    - - possibly set playerGuid properly
    - Update zhCN docs, I mean it
    - - fix PercentHP if offline.
    - - if you're in ghost form, you should have 0 hp, not 1, imho.
    - - add some tests
    - typo fix HasLibrary -> HasInstance
    - - remove debug statements.
    - - clear group members table - this should fix Offline bugs.
    - fixed negative AuraDuration
    - - add [IsMainTank], which tries to check oRA and CTRA. - add [IsMainAssist] DOGTAG-4
    - - make [FKey] return the actual keybinding instead of just F1-5 DOGTAG-3
    - - make DifficultyColor add 3 levels when seeing an elite instead of making it level 99 always. DOGTAG-20
    - - fix some documentation examples where Text was used
    - - add SmartClass
    - Update zhCN docs for aura tags
    - - fix ShortDruidForm documentation - hopefully fix AFK/Offline stuff.
    - [*Range] ret could be nil
    - Fix MinRange and MaxRange tags
    - added support for LibRangeCheck-2.0
    - typo in frFR localization.
    - fixed RestXP.
    - added frFR localization, most of it has been ripped from LibDogTag-2.0 (BTW, according to Sylvanaar, Germans needs gender specific class/race names too ;))
    - - fix the docs for NumAura - fix a bug with unit not taking undef
    - - make sure the LibMobHealth-4.0 has priority over 3.0
    - - fix HasDebuffType docs
    - avoid calling getRange() twice for [Range] tag
    - - fix a bug with unit declarations.
    - - fix doc of IsTapped tag
    - - don't require unit to be set by addons, make it 'player' by default for all tags.
    - - don't check the player's talents until requested.
    - - fix HappyColor
    - - fix issues with ShortClass mishandling Hunter and Warrior
    - Bug fix in zhCN localization
    - - add support for abbreviations of female races and classes (the Frenchies need it)
    - Update zhCN localization
    - Hi, 7destiny, please learn locale syntax before you commit this garbage.
    - - add example and category to Guid tag
    - - fix hasEvent index bug.
    - - update cast bars when unit changes properly
    - -  possible fix for auras
    - - fix casting tags
    - koKR Update
    - - add some tests
    - - add some tests
    - added ShortClassification, made other Short* tags work on unit if no args are given.
    - - Race can return nil
    - Fix ShortRace typo.
    - add some handy libs to optdeps.
    - fix MissingMP (fixes DOGTAG-7)
    - proper fix for HostileColor on tapped/dead units.
    - band-aid for HostileColor error on tapped/dead units.
    - fix PowerColor.
    - - fix math_floor nil bug - change TOC
    - - remove debug line
    - - fix an issue with Threat - make sure to check if units exist before running functions on them
    - - make IsUnit(other, unit) instead of IsUnit(unit, other)
    - - probably not a good idea to leave in a debug line
    - - fix events for reputation category
    - - add the Status tag, fix a few bugs
    - - update lib.xml
    - - add categories Abbrev and Talent. - Talent uses LibTalentQuery-1.0
    - - Add some more categories
    - - add Cast, GuildNote, Misc, and Range categories
    - - update to use functions as tags - add Status category
    - - add experience category
    - - rename Modules to Categories
    - - add Reputation module, make tags use Concatenate instead of Append, optimize a bit.
    - - fix syntax error
    - - add Power module
    - - add restraints on HPColor, in the fringe case that Blizzard messes up. - add [Guid] tag.
    - - If the mouseover unit doesn't exist, prevent any updates to related fontstrings, so that fadeouts of tooltips and the like work properly - use the boolean type instead of string;nil - add Characteristics module.
    - - add support for unit changes (e.g. PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED updates all fontstrings that have a unit='target' on them) - fix a typo - make it so mouseover-as-target works properly (Blizzard doesn't send mouseover events if target = mouseover) - update non-normal units (units that don't receive Blizzard events) automatically every 0.25 seconds.
    - - add support for MobHealth2, 3, and 4 for health-related tags - Add PercentHP, MissingHP, FractionalHP, IsMaxHP, HPColor tags. - for most HP tags, you can specify the optional kwarg "known", e.g. HP(unit='target', known=true), to only show known HP values, i.e. if they are in your party or if MobHealth can estimate its health. This eliminates the need for the SureHP tag as in LibDogTag-2.0
    - - add in a check if the default unit kwarg is a number.
    - - initial commit - Unit namespace for LibDogTag-3.0. For addons that wish to use unit-oriented tags, they'd include this library along with LibDogTag-3.0. - note: not done yet to any real degree